Mobile phone signal jammers should be monitored by the country

The reporter conducted a keyword search of "mobile phone signal jammer" on the Internet and obtained more than 400,000 pieces of information. Most of its manufacturers are in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Fujian. On some e-commerce websites, there are also many shops selling such mobile phone signal jammers. Except for the products that can be installed indoors, there are also many products that are convenient to carry out. The main area of ​​the portable mobile cell phone jammer is almost the same as the size of the ID card, and the seller claims that the market is very good.

   It is understood that there are currently mixed manufacturers of mobile phone signal jammers on the market, and various shielding products are also mixed. Operators blindly increase shielding Power in order to expand their business scope and obtain high profits. What lies behind all this is the ambiguity of product standards. Nevertheless, the rapid civilian use of shielded products has pushed this irregular market to a climax.

   An industry insider said that regulating the shielding equipment market is the first thing that should be solved. Not only must the sales channels of the products be strictly restricted, but also the technical specifications of the products must be regulated to get the market on track as soon as possible. He believes that the use of cell phone jammers for security purposes in the military and security agencies or specific state agencies is beyond doubt, but the practice of installing them in public places to eliminate noise pollution is questionable.

   Strengthen supervision and improve laws and regulations

Regarding the legality of the use of mobile phone signal shielding devices in public places, lawyer Dong Zhengwei of the Bank of China Law Firm believes that the installation of mobile phone signal shielding devices in public places is an illegal act and violates the Telecommunications Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Telecommunications Regulations) And the "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations on Radio Management").

"Mobile phone signal jammer facilities are communication equipment, and the network access license system should be implemented. Article 54 of the "Telecommunication Regulations" clearly states that the state implements the import of telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and equipment involving network interconnection. Network licensing system." Dong Zhengwei said, "Telecom terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and equipment involving interconnection between networks that access public telecommunications networks must comply with national standards and obtain network access permits. Telecommunications with a network access licensing system The equipment catalog shall be formulated and announced for implementation by the competent department of information industry under the State Council in conjunction with the product quality supervision department of the State Council."

   Therefore, the production of mobile phone signal jammer equipment must be licensed by the national competent authority, and any unapproved shielding equipment manufacturer is illegal.

   It is understood that such devices are not allowed to be installed in public places. This is an interference that affects the normal communication order of signals from legal radio stations. According to the "Radio Management Regulations," the installation of radio stations and transmitters should be approved. If radio wave radiation from other non-wireless transmitters and facilities cause harm to legal radio communications, they should be stopped.

Therefore, the installation of mobile phone signal shielding devices in public places should be approved by the local city planning department and radio management department. The freedom and Power of communication are granted to citizens by the Constitution, and it is an infringement to restrict citizens’ freedom and Power of communication without a legal basis. Generally speaking, certain areas such as detention centers, the military, and important state agencies will block cell phone signals for the purpose of protecting national information security.

Dong Zhengwei emphasized that the production of mobile phone signal jammer equipment should be strictly supervised by relevant state agencies to stop the flooding phenomenon in the market; on the other hand, the existing laws and regulations are too simple to meet the increasingly complex development needs of communication technology. Only by perfecting laws and regulations can the supervisory authorities strictly enforce the law. And its improvement content should include, "Clarify the qualifications that mobile phone signal shielding manufacturers need to have and stipulate that they need to be approved or filed by the relevant management department, list in detail the available places and the specific procedures for place declaration, and formulate a strict accountability system and related penalties. content".