Police use jammers to enforce the law

The law enforcement recorder is also called the police law enforcement recorder or the scene law enforcement recorder. Integrating the functions of digital camera, digital camera, and intercom microphone, it can digitally record the dynamic and static scene conditions during the law enforcement process, which is convenient for public security officers to use in various environments.

At the same time, the application scenarios of smart law enforcement recorders that can carry out wireless video transmission are more extensive, and they are widely used in the field of public security, prosecution, and various indoor and outdoor testing places that require real-time communication. The function of being equipped with law enforcement recorder is to ensure the legality and standardization of normal reception and dispatch of police and other law enforcement activities.

Liangjian is a professional law enforcement recorder manufacturer. Focus on the professional production of intelligent technology, law enforcement recorders, alcohol detectors, collection workstations, signal jammer, on-board PTZ, traffic accident site survey systems, metal detection security gates and other security police products. Customize and develop mobile command and dispatch systems and provide overall smart solutions for security, energy, government, and smart cities. Liangjian DSJ-5G intelligent law enforcement recorder adopts a starlight-level photosensitive chip that is clearer than traditional law enforcement recorders, and performs low-light imaging at night.

Liangjian DSJ-5G smart law enforcement recorder has face recognition and ID card recognition functions. It can scan and verify the key information in the ID card chip to determine the authenticity of the ID card. The ID card cloud decoding product has the function of generating the Ministry of Public Security's citizen network identity application identification (appeIDcode). The identity information is desensitized through the Ministry of Public Security's citizen network identity application identification, which can effectively reduce the risk of user privacy information leakage. If an external layer is installed Jammers are more secure.

Liangjian DSJ-5G intelligent law enforcement recorder can be connected to the data network, Wifi, and effectively connect the law enforcement scene with the background command center through the Internet. Realize video intercom, WeChat intercom, and real-time return. And the return speed is faster, and the return image is clearer. Bring the law enforcement recorder into a new stage of intelligent law enforcement. The long-distance real-time transmission function of this law enforcement recorder. It greatly improves the rapid response and control capabilities of law enforcement agencies to various emergencies, and at the same time improves the safety of the entire law enforcement process. Realize decision-making thousands of miles, strategizing.