transportable cell phone make children no longer obsessed with cell phones

You can stop him severely, pick up the phone, don't play with him or even beat him, but I don't recommend you to use this method, it is not good for your child. On the one hand, this will make them more rebellious, on the other hand, it will not help their growth. Using a cell phone jammer to block the phone signal will be your most reasonable solution. For children, we must use the correct method to teach, let them know the disadvantages of playing mobile phones when they are young, know the dangers of playing mobile phones and some future situations. Of course, parents also hope to set a good example, not to be addicted to children In front of mobile phones, it has a great impact on children. If you cannot control your dependence on mobile phones well, you can stay away from mobile phones with your children by using mobile transportable cell phone devices.

Transportable Cell Phone

A custom transportable cell phone can block the video signal, because a custom cell phone signal jammer allows you to add more interference signal frequencies. Customization is not only interference signals, cell phone jamemr can also shield video, audio, and broadcast signals. As long as you need, you can contact the customization service staff of in detail. Hello! Interfering video mobile phone jammers already exist in the market. If you just want to interfere with the video signal, you can buy it directly, but if you need multiple devices, please shield the signal type of the mobile transportable cell phone. If not, you need to shield the signal type. After the combination, you can contact our professional customer service team to order.