wifi jammer prevents your own information from being exposed

Since the anonymity and mobility of mobile phone and mobile phone communication are very suitable for crime or even terrorist activities, law enforcement agencies use IMSI traps to track potential threats or criminals to monitor illegally used mobile phones (for example, in prisons or safe areas) ) And assist them in their investigations. At the same time, these same shady figures sometimes use these devices to discover confidential personal information or privileged company secrets. Therefore, although many conspiracy theories are the result of a combination of over-imagining and health suspicion, it involves someone who may be monitoring your mobile phone call. This is an unmoved theory. Many people start to buy mobile bluetooth jammers to prevent themselves The information was exposed to the public.

So, why would anyone want to block a wifi network? Well, first of all, not all communication is good. Whether in the wrong location or at the wrong time, someone might feel that they really want to enable digital communications now. For example, a quiet car on a train, a security meeting discussing confidential information, or a school trying to prevent classroom interference. Wifi jammers are not only for convenience, but also for tactical purposes. Since a large amount of sensitive data is stored digitally, it can be stolen (or borrowed) through a wifi network without being discovered. By interfering with the wifi signal in the area, the owner of the data can ensure that no one can access it after get off work. Similarly, a security system that may protect sensitive information may rely on wifi communication to issue an alarm when any error occurs, and therefore, a malicious person may wish to interfere with the alarm. In an extreme example, if the remote detonation method is blocked, explosives experts dedicated to making explosives explode would be greatly appreciated. Therefore, the purpose of the wifi jammer may also determine the method of interference. In some cases, you may just want to create the maximum noise to prevent anything from being transmitted. In other cases, the interference may be more subtle and more targeted, so that it cannot be detected. However, no matter how much interference noise you like, the goal is always the same;