Install a WiFi jammer in the examination room to block signal transmission

This afternoon, before the college entrance examination candidates are familiar with the examination room, all examination centers in the city have completed the examination room layout. This year there are 19 college entrance examination sites and more than 500 examination rooms in Xiamen, which are distributed in six districts of the city.

Yesterday, our reporter learned from the Municipal Radio Management Bureau that this year, ten test centers in Xiamen have installed the "test room signal suppression system" to immediately suppress and block suspicious signals. Prior to this, wifi jammer had been installed in all examination rooms in the city.

Two days after tomorrow, there will be 6 mobile radio monitoring vehicles and 11 monitoring teams, plus 5 remote remote control fixed monitoring stations and 35 small remote control monitoring stations will be fully deployed to capture cheating signals in real time. When the mobile radio monitoring vehicle is far away from the test site, small monitoring stations around the test site will take over the monitoring task.

The college entrance examination will kick off tomorrow. According to regulations, candidates can enter the examination room 30 minutes before the start of the test. Candidates who are late 15 minutes after the start of the test are not allowed to enter the test center to take the subject test (foreign language subjects 15 minutes before the test, that is, after 14:45, candidates are not allowed to enter the test room). The time for handing in the papers and leaving the examination room shall not be earlier than 30 minutes before the end of each subject examination. After the papers are handed in in advance, they are not allowed to enter the examination room or stay or talk near the examination room. You must wait quietly outside the cordon and receive the announcement of the examination center. Leave the test center. After the test is over, the test taker should stop writing immediately and must not delay the answer, otherwise the test scores of the subject will be cancelled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "National Education Examination Violation Measures."