The wireless signal jammer shields the test room

The 2017 national first-level constructor examination will start this Saturday and Sunday. This year, our city will set up two test centers, Taishan Vocational and Technical College and Tai'an Normal School. In addition, in order to optimize personnel examination services and serious examination discipline, except for ID cards, examination admission tickets and calculators, other items are strictly prohibited from being brought into the examination room. Mobile cell phone jammer are installed in the middle to prevent students from bringing electronic equipment into the examination room.

On September 16, the 2017 national first-level construction engineer examination will kick off. The two-day exam will be held. Among them, the first-level construction engineer qualification examination "Professional Engineering Management and Practice" subjects are mixed subject and objective questions, and the remaining three subjects All are objective questions. During the examination period, our city will set up two examination centers, Taishan Vocational and Technical College and Tai'an Normal School.

It is understood that in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of candidates and ensure fairness and justice in the personnel examination, cheating has been severely cracked down this time. During the period, the national, provincial, and municipal personnel examination agencies will cooperate with provincial, municipal public security and radio management departments to strengthen joint inspections inside and outside the test sites during the test period, increase the monitoring and investigation of various cheating methods, and severely investigate and crack down All kinds of violations of laws, disciplines and regulations involving examinations. Before the start of the test, the test staff will use metal detectors at the test center and the entrance of the test room to check the entrance of the test takers one by one. According to the regulations, test takers can only bring their ID cards, test admission tickets and calculators into the test room. Unified allotment.

After the test begins, if candidates are found to be carrying mobile phones and other devices capable of sending or receiving information, regardless of whether they are used or not, they will be handled as violations of discipline. During the test, the test center fully uses video surveillance equipment, and the test staff will implement real-time monitoring of all test rooms, and replay review after the test. At the same time, a wireless signal jammer will be used to shield the test room, and an ID card identification device will be used to identify the candidates. After the exam is over, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will conduct a similar test on the candidate's answer sheet, and if it is determined to have the same answer sheet, the score will be cancelled and handled as a violation of discipline. If it is determined to be a violation of discipline and regulations related to the same answer sheet, the information record of the examinee shall be included in the national examination integrity information database, and the information shall be published to the public and notified to the work unit in a timely manner. The relevant records will be used as the issuance and registration of professional qualification certificates, and the evaluation of professional titles. Important reference.