4G-flow was stolen ?

4 G, people no longer complain about speed is slow, but the traffic runs fast. In fact, this is the new cycle of history, since a mobile Internet, has been such a cycle.
Unlike voice, flow unit usage is not fixed, the unit price is not fixed, that is to say, simple calculation, voice before consumption is equal to call (long) multiplied by (unit price), now the traffic consumption is equal to how long (Internet) multiplied by the unit time flow) multiplied by (unit price). Voice era, and the attention only billing time and unit price, and in the era of traffic, people not only focus on the billing time, pay more attention to the unit time of flow quantity and the unit price, more troubling, because application scenarios, network, terminal and application of different, the unit number of flow velocity and time are the time change.

Now, a large number of users thought flow consumption particularly fast, and it is their multiple control also feel fast traffic consumption is hard to let yourself believe that so have to blame operators. Explained that Newton universal gravitation source and let god made a Lord.

High-speed flow loss, users and operators are not wrong, but times change, in addition to speed, the application of rich use increased, but also because of friend's traffic to increase the flow of also can let you "consumed", and that the increase of traffic users lose control. Of course, the safest way is to carry a pocket cell phone jammer, so that it can completely avoid flow of 4 G you unprovoked stolen.

Users feel traffic consumption too fast because he lost control of the flow, not operators doing mischief, but users are forced to increase because of that they can't control of social flow.

You send a larger image or video, you can choose the WIFI environment, but on the other hand, you see somebody else in WIFI environment of a larger image or video, but perhaps in no WIFI network environment. When you open the flow will unknowingly be consumer, and the use of the traffic is not easy to be aware of.

Many people live with WIFI, but a lot of people are on the road, or watching it on a 4 G network, because often be overdue don't wait, the traffic is forced, but not operator force, is based on the content, or social and was forced to use. Real-time content increased and increased traffic is one of the main reasons for out of control. If you're at home you may wish to install a 4 G/LoJack/XM Jammers, so that we can have 4 G cell phone signal blocker, especially for people who don't love attention to detail, it is a best way! You don't have to pay for your carelessness.

As a result, we can say that the majority of users feel traffic runs fast, speed is quick, rich applications, and terminal traction, the result of the each other between good and user circles which operators dream of traffic management in the future, is eagerly anticipated by his Internet company of new scene, a new a new Internet era is coming. We will all benefit !