5G coming Are you ready ?

Military / Prison Jammers

This is an era of 3 G 4 G has spread. For the general public, the concept of 5 G is new. Maybe a lot of people just from 4 G to round, the age of 5 G will come again. Although 5 G so far does not have a unified concept, but for ordinary users, 5 G technology will allow mobile users to enjoy wireless Internet experience similar to that of the current family optical network. 5 G era we feel is the Internet, such as the leap like a spaceship, let us experience unpredictable world online. The Existing Jammer is in front of 5 g network gadget .

5 G network is the basis of the Internet of things now, 5 G network has been regarded as the foundation of the future Internet of things, because the so-called "Internet of things will contain billions of sensors, application, security systems, health monitors, smart phones, smart watches and other equipment.

Biggest advantage is compared with 4 G, 5 G network will increase greatly. A UK experiments show that under 5 G network, the network transmission speed than 4 G 100 times will increase. Under 5 G, download a movie takes no more than a second.

Unexpected is, in the age of 5 G, mobile phone users of mobile Internet and WIFI network perception differences will disappear. Users from outdoor to indoor, from mobile network to connect to the WIFI, can have a seamless, smooth transitional, eliminating the switch network, enter the password, such as cumbersome steps, almost feel WIFI "existence", including voice calls can also be on the WIFI network transmission. From a user perspective, the WiFi seems to "death", but actually with the mobile network integration, let users perceive the differences

Future you pet chips will automatically with the house of the equipment for data exchange, you will know when their children back home, in the car on the highway, it can realize automatic driving.

And in view of the user driving plugging, after good intelligent vehicle equipment installed in the car, the driver in the car can look at the crossroads of authorized camera, check each intersection congestion road, so you can avoid "into blocking way"

Install the machine "" 4 G car in the car, not only can realize the car WiFi, can also be updated in real time and vehicle positioning navigation system, can also download a variety of automotive applications online, check the situation, the analysis of driving vehicle. Vehicle Power train, body system, electrical equipment and chassis system whether normal be clear at a glance.

5 G not like 3 G, 4 G system standard, the difference between a 5 G will be uniting the network, to provide users with smart, strong, unified network applications. 5 G is not to replace the 4 G and WiFi but the 4 G and WiFi network into one, such as bring more optimal experience for the user. By 4 G, WiFi, such as integrated into 5 G, users don't need to care about their own network, not in manual to connect to the WiFi network, etc., the system will automatically according to the network connected to experience the best network quality, realize seamless switching.

According to expert introduction, 5 G may with its extreme speed breakthrough on the market a variety of signal jammer shield,such as Cell Phone Jammer the result cans be imagined. That both life and military will certainly is a big change, like now world of missile defense systems, missiles can break through it, so it is a surprising speed, let a person want to shudder.

5 G is coming, let's change your existing way of life, the rapid network of imagining the future life.