Turkey to challenge Russia's most advanced air defense missile

On November 24, Turkey shoot down Russian aircraft - the explosive news rapidly around the world. Then, the people of the world is watching, will Russia and NATO war!
Turkey this move to shock to the world, Russia is not weakness, successively sent out malicious words, in Syria for the deployment of the world's most advanced S - 400 air defense missiles, this means that Turkey and S - 400, Turkey can you? Let's take a look at the S - 400 .

Range far when a new long-range missile S - 400 filled, can reach 400 km, is about China's current air defense battle weapon S - 300 two times, than even the United States are working on high altitude area defense "war zone" of interceptor missile range is far.

Strong anti-jamming capability of S - 400 command and control system configuration is integrated advantages and improved. Guidance radar, exposure to advanced phased array radar, detect and track distance, can complete the search tracking targets at the same time, guided missiles, anti jamming and other tasks, particularly suited to fighting in strong jamming environment. Equivalent to build a GPS jammer, to prevent such being interference

Multiple levels of air defense and independent of S - 400 biggest characteristic is multimodal task, you can launch a low, hollow, high altitude and short-range, medium-range, long-range and other kinds of missiles. In the case of starting not hit, still can continue to launch the follow-up before the missile.
High speed precision In such aspects as speed, accuracy, S - 400 is as good as it gets. It not only can shoot down the speed of no more than 4800 m/s object, the object of minimum distance from blow reached the standard of 10 meters, high speed maneuvering ballistic missile warhead, such as small volume high altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), is a "cloud" in front of it.

In addition, S - 400 has a "defence" : the capacity of air target. Because of its emission state is perpendicular to the ground, after launch missiles were in accordance with the directional flight navigation signal, that is to say, it can meet the target in the air lock, it greatly shortens the launch preparation time.
With such a Powerful weapon, Turkey also dare to challenge Russia? We have to wait and see .