Are car gps jammers useful? Not entirely useful.

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The implementation of GPS Jammers is to shield the mobile phone signal, similar to the wireless signal jammer in the examination room, not to shield GPS. Because the GPS location tracker is actually a mobile phone + GPS receiver that is connected to the network, the mobile phone sends the coordinate data of the GPS receiver to the network, and shielding the mobile phone is equivalent to intercepting the GPS coordinate network transmission, and the network platform cannot receive GPS coordinate data. , Naturally it cannot be positioned. jammer-shop website car jammer for sale.

Brief introduction of GPS jammer function:

1. Effectively prevent being tracked by GPS satellites;

2. Effectively interfere with GPS satellite signals to protect your privacy and information confidentiality;

5. Use the same even if the vehicle has no starting Power source (Power ed by the car charger);

6. Small size, Power , light weight, large coverage area, easy to carry;

7. Effectively prevent the positioning and tracking of the car/mobile GPS blockers satellite positioning system.