cell phone gps blocker has become the first choice of many people

Cell Phone GPS Blocker

my country is already the world's largest automobile country, with more than 20 million new cars sold every year. With the development of the automobile industry, more and more GPS locators are installed on vehicles.

At the same time, some car GPS Jammers that customers care about have also emerged. For example, a company operating a mortgage car business can temporarily gain control of some cars by increasing the mortgage payment. Since there may be a locator installed by the original owner in the vehicle, there is a risk that the original owner will find the car and sneak away. In order to avoid this situation, the company operating the mortgage car business can purchase gps blocker so that the original car owner cannot locate the car, thereby protecting the safety of property. Many Americans now buy cell phone gps blocker.

Of course, if you buy this type of mortgage car from a mortgage car company, will you also worry about the safety issues after buying the car? Would also like to not be stolen with a locator in the car? Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that friends who buy mortgage cars will also buy GPS jammers.

In the third case, because of the special nature of work or some other reasons, in short, you don’t want the car you drive to be continuously located and tracked by others, and you will also purchase GPS signal jammers to maintain your driving privacy.

Xi’an Kaining Electronics has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of various test room signal jammers and GPS signal jammers for many years. From the perspective of working principle, GPS blockers cut off GPS frequency band signals to make the car in a signal blocking state. Specifically, there are 2 antennas. , 3 antennas, 6 antennas, 8 antennas, 9 antennas and other products. The GPS jammer with 2 antennas is the most compact, which can effectively interfere with GPS and Beidou satellite signals to protect your privacy and information confidentiality without affecting mobile phone signals.

Of course, 6-antenna, 8-antenna, and 9-antenna GPS jammers have more Powerful functions and better shielding effects. No matter what kind of GPS signal jammer, you can use the car 12V charger, as long as the vehicle is Power ed on normally, it can ensure the continuous operation of the device.

If you or your friend bought a mortgage car, don't forget to buy gps blocker from Xi'an Kaining Electronics.