The effects of wireless communication base station electromagnetic radiation to human body health:

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With the rapid development of economic society, speeds up the informationization, in the areas of social wireless communication technology has also been widely used, it makes people's life more efficient, better quality and more full. In all aspects of people's life is inseparable from the wireless access technology. At the same time based on the wireless signals in all parts of the base station electromagnetic radiation has much impact on the health of human body? Become the big questions the hearts of many people especially the residents living near the base station signal, today let's listen to the authority of experts discussed related topic.

Concerned expert points out: wireless communication base station electromagnetic radiation on human health effects, various countries have strict limits on the electromagnetic radiation technology standards, communication base station electromagnetic radiation are conform to the standards prescribed by the state level, some residents of base station electromagnetic radiation concerns mainly psychological effect. Relevant departments and experts recommend to further intensify knowledge propaganda and explanation, into the city for the construction of communication base station The city construction planning, and promote the healthy development of national electromagnetic technology and science.

Low frequency electromagnetic radiation weak effects on human health

According to the relevant data interpretation, the so-called electric magnetic radiation, is refers to the energy in the form of electromagnetic waves launched into space by the signal source. Electromagnetic radiation source points of natural radiation and artificial radiation. Natural electromagnetic radiation from the earth, the sun's radiation, such as artificial electromagnetic radiation mainly from radio, television, communication base stations and electromagnetic energy application in the life of equipment. In real life, can make the electromagnetic radiation source is everywhere, such as computers, mobile phones, and microwave ovens. About electromagnetic radiation, the question of whether or not to have harm to human body health, the world health organization (who), launched in 1996 the research in the world more than 60 countries involved in the research, after 11 years, in 2006 concluded that excessive electromagnetic radiation will harm to human body, low-frequency electromagnetic radiation to human body health effects.

Weak communication base station electromagnetic radiation affect human body health


Communication base station is refers to the low power wireless antenna to mobile phones to communicate with users, depending on the user and the size of its service scope, transmission power range from several to hundreds of watts, the power density is in commonly 0.6 2.0 amounts per square centimeter (mu w/cm2) belong to the low frequency radiation. Under normal circumstances, the base station antenna is installed in buildings or towers 15 to 50 meters off the ground, the antenna emits a rf mainly to horizontal extension, rarely transmission in vertical direction and horizontal direction from the base station 10 to 20 meters radiation is strongest, people only within the scope of this for a long time can be affected by radiation. China telecom, mobile, unicom, such as base station antenna, is generally higher than that of nearby homes. The electromagnetic wave frequency is 900-1800 megahertz (MHz), propagation attenuation in the air soon, the antenna power density of the 10 to 20 meters 0.6 amounts per square centimeter (mu w/cm2), far less than 40 micro watts per square centimeter (mu w/cm2) of the national standard, and the electromagnetic wave attenuation to four times after residents through the brick wall (6 db), as a result, residents living near the base station antenna is safe.


In order to reduce the influence of electromagnetic radiation to human body health, and some people even buy form different blockers, such as cell phone jammer,GPS jammer .the concerned expert opinion this is a more scientific approach. These will be a very good blockers can signal the radio signals emitted by base stations block up to the amount of people affected by various electromagnetic signal radiation.