Can a jammer block all mobile phone signals?

in China. It is reported that this year, due to the adoption of Part 4 in Liuyang No. 3 Middle School, the number of test takers in No. 1 Middle School and ten schools in Jinqiao reached 1,439, surpassing other regions, with the largest number of test takers in Liuyang. "This year, our school has also adjusted the monitoring accordingly." Zhang Dexi, vice principal of the city's third middle school, told reporters that a new CCTV camera has been installed in the third year of this year, covering everything from the entrance exam to the final arrival monitor.

Compared with previous years, the three students who participated in the college entrance examination improved the safe transit procedures for students. "In the past, the staff checked out the students from outside the classroom." Zhang Dexi said: "This year, we are expanding the program to the classroom." He said that the area is part of the classroom and cannot be monitored by surveillance cameras. According to Zhang Dexi, the three candidates believed that after the door of the classroom, the examiner would take the exam again to ensure safety, "so we can see the observations of the room staff at a glance to ensure that all safety is ensured. Every student Personal safety."

The joint inspection team then entered the three-person inspection room to check the cell phone signal. "How much signal can this thing block? Can all mobile cell phone blocker devices be shielded? In the face of the problem, Zhang Dexi immediately removed the device and turned off the Power . The reporter found that the mobile phone signal had completely disappeared and tried to make a call, send a text message, and failed to open the website. "The device was distributed through education, and we still haven't figured out which devices can destroy it. Zhang Dexi said that the college entrance examination will be taken over. The supervisor will bring test papers in the test room.

An important issue is the prisoner's ability to contact witnesses before the upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By comparing unjustified reasons or correcting conflicts in the testimony, the defendant can reduce or completely dismiss the charges. The most worrisome problem that prisons are fighting is the undiscovered cell phones used by prisoners to warn other prisoners of surprising searches that may confiscate cell phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. For corrections officers and medical staff working in one of the worst and insidious working environments, this smuggling product can be life-threatening.

At the time of printing, the joint inspection team comprehensively reviewed the four test centers. "We will monitor the test equipment at six test sites in the city and conduct a detailed inspection of the GSM jammer signal line to ensure that it can operate normally." Liang Yuping, Head of Law Enforcement, Office of Market and Quality Control. "No obvious abnormalities were found." Liang Yuping said that until June 6, the joint inspection team will have another six test sites to carry out inspections again, "because part of the equipment inspection agency is still fully in place and can prevent the lack of inspections. "Liang Yuping said that the new "Education Law" and "Higher Education Law" revised at the end of last year have strengthened the crackdown on national fraud exams, including clear copying of national training exams, including obtaining cheat sheets, and various frauds. May be disqualified from examinations or scores can be "prohibited" for one to three years in severe cases, including administrative fines imposed on public safety and criminal investigations.