Have big recruit, Don't consider Car thieves use GSM/GPS jammers :


*The technology is really advanced and keep developing with a high speed, and this is the same in the GSM and GPS signal field. But now a lot of outlaw people are use GSM and GPS jammers theft cars, now you can solve the problem easily with the theft problems

*Jammer Detection was born .This is a unique solution on the market, which allows you to identify GSM and GPS jammer around your vehicle. The base of the product solution is a GPS unit that "hears" the jammer and starts local alert of the car alarm and blocks the motor using an external immobilizer. Disconnection of the siren from the vehicle`s Power supply is solved by back up siren.
Expansion of GPS vehicle tracking on the world markets caused that a large percentage of stolen vehicles were successfully found and returned to their owners. Based on this positive experience it is installed into vehicles by growing number of customers.

*Natural reaction to this situation is the increasing number of vehicle theft, when a GPS or GSM jammer is used. These devices help to block the communication between the GPS units and servers and so the efficiency of GPS devices is significantly reduced. These jammers work by creating a huge noise and jam the communication channels through which the GSM can not pass neither data communication between the GPS unit (vehicle) and the server. To send SMS or location data of the vehicle is impossible in the case of use of jammers. The only way to protect the vehicle when a jammer is used, is to start the active defense of the vehicle at the moment locally.

*Jammer Detection is built on that basis. The "heart" of the solution are devices that can identify jamming. After capturing the jamming the alarm is triggered in the car alarm and activates the engine block. Disconnection of electrical circuits in a vehicle and attracting of the attention around the vehicle by alarm creates a major barrier to continue the theft. The logical step of the thief can be the disconnection of the siren from the Power supply, but this is solved by back up siren, which continues in the acoustic alarm function. Distraction of the thief in action results in termination of attempted theft, or it redirect his attention to another vehicle. Jammer Detection is additionally equipped with the function of automatic recognition of the authorized driver. In case that the driver, who entered the vehicle is not evaluated as an authorized person and he will try to start the engine, the immobilizer activates the blocking of the engine. The system does not allow to start the engine and at the same time it sends information about an unauthorized attempt to start to the vehicle to its owner via SMS.

*Indisputable advantage of the Jammer Detection is the fact, that by triggering the car alarm it protects the vehicles in its nearby. Thief needs calmness and little attention to devote himself to his work. Therefore, he moves to another location, away from the vehicle that brings attention.

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