Does cheap gps jammer have the function of blocking signals?

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On November 18, the Hunan Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation reported that the airborne GPS receiving systems of multiple flights in the airspace south of Changsha Huanghua Airport were unidentified interference, causing the loss of aircraft GPS signals, which seriously affected civil aviation flight safety.

   After receiving the interference complaint, Li Zhijian, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, attached great importance to it and required the unregulated agencies to immediately carry out monitoring and investigation to eliminate the interference as soon as possible. The Radio Management Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology quickly organized and carried out interference data analysis, joint investigations with Hunan provinces and cities, and multi-party consultations, and invited experts from the National Radio Monitoring Center to in-depth command and dispatch investigations.

From November 18th to 20th, under the strong support and on-site guidance of the National Radio Monitoring Center, the Hunan Provincial Radio Monitoring Station, the Changsha Radio Monitoring Station and the Zhuzhou Radio Monitoring Station jointly carried out a special investigation operation. Some trainees from the provincial technical backbone training also joined the investigation team. In this event, more than 20 monitoring technicians, 5 mobile monitoring vehicles were dispatched, two sets of cheap GPS Jammers special monitoring equipment and 8 sets of portable monitoring direction finding equipment were used.

   The monitoring personnel firstly determine that the interference signal is likely to come from the vehicle-mounted mobile interference source through mobile, high-point monitoring and careful analysis of a large amount of data. In the following two or three days, the joint investigation team was divided into 5 teams, which were located around Huanghua Airport, Changsha Vaulting Horse Town and Baijia Town, Zhuzhou Yunlong New District, the main city, Lukou Town, Changzhu and along the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway. A lot of monitoring and investigation have been carried out in other places. After unremitting efforts, the monitoring personnel finally found the "clues" of the interference signal on the night of November 20, and through rapid direction finding and positioning, a vehicle-mounted GPS jammer was seized in an off-road vehicle on the south side of Changsha Huanghua Airport. Upon questioning, the vehicle was a mortgaged vehicle. The user installed a GPS jammer in the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being positioned by satellites. That night, law enforcement officers dismantled the source of interference. According to the civil aviation administration, after the removal of the vehicle-mounted GPS jammer, the phenomenon of interference with the GPS receiving system of the aircraft in Changsha airspace disappeared.

  In recent years, civil aviation GPS interference incidents have occurred from time to time. Cheap gps jammers originate from GPS jammers and UAV defense systems installed and used illegally by individuals or units. Such behaviors pose a serious threat to civil aviation flight safety. In response to this phenomenon, the Hunan Radio Management Agency will further strengthen the work docking and information sharing with the civil aviation sector, using mobile and fixed-point monitoring, lift-off monitoring and crowdsourced monitoring and other technical means to strengthen the aviation dedicated frequency, GPS and Beidou Protective monitoring of navigation frequency, improve the ability of interference signal analysis and investigation, and strive to ensure the order of air waves and aviation safety.