Cell phone jammers send energy at the same frequency

In today's Internet age, it is very convenient for us to access the Internet and the latest information. With the help of all kinds of information on the Internet, we adults have our own discrimination, can filter out good information, and make it more effective to help us understand the outside world. But children are in the growing stage. They do not have the right and wrong awareness. All kinds of harmful information on the Internet will affect their healthy growth. How should we solve these problems?

Generally, we can say that although the communication link has only one dimension to be calculated, two dimensions must be calculated for the event and then compared. A "connection" showing a stronger signal at the input of the receiver will prevail; it can be either the sender ("partner") or the interferer.

The purpose of a jammer is to break the communication link (or network) between two (or more) "partners" when trying to talk to each other or transfer certain data between them. There are more situations that interfere with the communication link between the drone and its operator. We can try to disrupt the communication between the mobile phone and the base station, between the two tactical radios, and between the bomb and the remote control used for activation.

To prevent this, the cell phone blocker sends RF (CW + modulation) energy at the same frequency as the enemy link or network uses. The receiver of the enemy (the "hearing" side) should be passed on by both suffering and his "partner". The strong should have the upper hand; if the energy of the drone is more destructive than the performance of the "partner", the "listener" will not be able to "correctly" understand the message/data. Or, if the energy of the "buddy" is higher than the performance of the wailers, the "listener" will be able to correctly "understand" the message/data and the communication link between the "buddies".

Sometimes, the interfering signal arriving at the receiver input may be lower than the communication signal ("partner") and still dominate. This is because the jammer usually needs a certain "margin" between the two signals it inputs to explain one of them (usually a stronger signal). However, in advanced communication systems, this “margin” may sometimes even be negative (meaning that the communication signal may be much lower than the noise signal), and the receiver will still be able to interpret the “partner” signal, causing a malfunction. A much more difficult task.