Cell phone jammers stop fraudulent calls

Why scam phone calls? Have you ever wondered how would cheaters know our phone number? I think it should be easy to answer these questions. Fraud is the most common scam in the world, also known as telecom fraud. The reason why we receive fraudulent calls is because, on the one hand, scammers may dial numbers randomly, causing fraud. As people's vigilance increases, this kind of fraud has a low success rate. On the other hand, due to the leakage of our personal information, fraudsters can call us directly and learn our detailed information, which makes us more vulnerable to deception. In this case, it is recommended to use a mobile cell phone jammer to stop it.

cell phone jammer

For the elderly, many scammers use their care for children and their unfamiliarity with modern technology to deceive them. The scammer deceived the elderly to go to the bank and send money over the phone. The Bank of Tokyo has started to install cell phone jammers at strategic ATM locations in the area to reduce the transfer of elderly people due to mobile fraud. This is in response to targeting the elderly as liars, asking them to go to the bank and take out a child who needs money from the ATM, while he is still online, deceiving these elderly people over the phone. It is said that these devices have very low Power and only cover an area of ​​about 2 meters.