How far is the shielding range of the mini gps satellite blocker

How Far Is The Mini GPS Satellite Blocker

Recently, Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments jointly investigated and enforced law and confiscated 7 GPS Jammers located in a parking lot near Meilan Airport, successfully removing major hidden dangers affecting flight safety. This law enforcement action has purified the electromagnetic environment around the airport and guaranteed the normal flight verification of the Meilan Airport expansion project.

It is reported that the Hainan Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation recently received a report from the flight check crew of the Meilan Airport expansion project. For three consecutive days in the morning, a GPS signal failure occurred in the western area of ​​the airport. This situation will affect the aircraft's operation. Reduce safety and seriously hinder the normal operation of calibration. It has been judged that the most likely cause of the GPS failure problem this time is interference, but the shielding distance of the mini gps satellite blocke has not been measured yet.

The bureau immediately notified the specific location information analyzed and the time of the crew report to the Radio Management Bureau of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. In cooperation with the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Radio Management Bureau launched a fast track for civil aviation interference investigation and carried out a multi-day investigation. The Radio Management Bureau dispatched multiple radio monitoring vehicles and portable spectrum analyzers, and after repeated cross positioning and monitoring analysis, it accurately discovered an interference source located in a parking lot on the outskirts of Haikou.

With the cooperation of the public security organs, law enforcement officers came to the parking lot recently and ordered the illegal use of radio jammers to be shut down. The GPS signals that interfered with civil aviation disappeared. At the same time, law enforcement officers confiscated 7 miniGPS jammers illegally installed on the spot. Law enforcement officials stated that the next step will be to strengthen the linkage mechanism and increase the investigation of illegal radio satellite blocker devices such as "GPS jammers", "black broadcasts", and "pseudo base stations" to ensure flight safety at Meilan Airport.