The demand for mobile phone jammers is increasing year by year

cell phone jammer

There is an increasing demand for mobile cell phone jammer in the market, and one of them is the mobile phone signal jammer for exams. In order to achieve the fairness of the exam, most of the exams will choose to use mobile phone jammers.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, there were 9.39 million candidates in 2014, ushering in the life test. Focusing on Fujian Province, there are 222,000 college entrance examination candidates. In order to prevent examinees from cheating on high-tech electronic equipment such as mobile phones, Fujian Province decided to no longer tolerate the use of radio equipment to cheat by illegal elements during the college entrance examination. The province’s radio management agency has activated cell phone jammers and radio emergencies at 226 test sites across the province. The command network and new-type radio monitoring equipment shall conduct radio supervision over the entire college entrance examination.

At the same time, in the college entrance examination in Fujian Province this year, some examination rooms will be equipped with mobile phone signal jammers for the first time after the second-generation ID card readers and metal detectors to ensure that there is no communication signal in the examination room. In the previous simulated radio cheating site for the college entrance examination, the technical staff of the joint security team dispatched a mobile radio monitoring vehicle to monitor the examination room and the vicinity of the examination room, to find the location of the interference source of the cheating element, and to monitor whether there were suspicious signals. After discovering the suspected cheating signal, the technicians activate the wireless intelligent monitoring and warning system to block it technically, and at the same time use portable radio monitoring equipment to locate the suspicious signal, and quickly find the cheating criminals.

Once the surrounding geography is complex and it is difficult to find the signal source in a short time, this set of radio intelligent monitoring and warning system can adopt various methods such as voice suppression, interference signal suppression, background noise suppression and so on to the cheating signal source, so that candidates in the examination room cannot hear. Transfer answers from outside the exam room to the exam room to ensure the fairness and justice of the exam in a short time. The technical staff of the Fujian Provincial Radio Regulatory Agency said when introducing the function of the system. This application of mobile jammer is very successful.

The successful completion of the college entrance examination in 2014 is inseparable from the dedicated work of the Radio Administration Bureau, and it is also inseparable from the high-quality anti-cheating tools. According to statistics, in 2014, in Fujian Province's radio security work for the college entrance examination, the radio management agency dispatched 218 technicians, activated 160 fixed radio monitoring stations, and 170 sets of other types of monitoring technical equipment for real-time monitoring, which fully guaranteed the 2014 The year's college entrance examination went smoothly.

Mobile jammers in the examination room will be gradually developed after this time. In the future, mobile phone signal jammers will develop into more occasions. The development of mobile phones will definitely drive the development of mobile phone jammers.