Electronic weapon mini gps satellite blocker

Mini GPS Satellite Blocker

China's Beidou satellite missile system is really becoming more and more mature, and its military significance to China is naturally becoming more and more obvious. In the era when GPS is king, the more advanced the weapon, the easier it is for the United States to choke its throat at a critical moment. And now that we have our own satellite positioning system, the trump card in the hands of the United States has naturally become silent. But judging from the consistent style of the United States, how could it be willing to allow China to master such Powerful weapons so easily? The mini gps satellite blocker is a good device.

According to recent news from the media, the United States has decided to develop a satellite jammer code-named "Dongfeng Nemesis". As the name suggests, the GPS Jammers is designed for China's Beidou satellite positioning system. Its main purpose is to make China's Powerful Dongfeng series. Missiles cannot exert their Power in wartime. The United States wants to use the jammer it has developed to make Beidou navigation failure and make Dongfeng missiles all missed during wartime. Therefore, if the United States' vision can come true, it will be important to the Chinese rocket army. It is really extremely disadvantageous.

In fact, with regard to the exploration of anti-satellite weapons, the United States began as early as the 1950s. At present, anti-satellite weapons can be divided into anti-satellite satellites and anti-satellite missiles, that is, using their own satellites against enemy satellites. Carry out close strikes, or use anti-satellite missiles to strike enemy satellites at long distances. Of course, no matter what kind of anti-satellite weapon is developed, it is extremely unfavorable to China, which has a Beidou satellite navigation system. However, some netizens said that since the US military can develop the Dongfeng Nemesis satellite jammer, can't China develop mini gps Will satellite blocker come to counter it?

In fact, the relationship between satellites and anti-satellite weapons is, to a certain extent, the relationship between spears and shields. Now that China's Beidou satellite navigation system has matured, how could China have not developed anti-satellite weapons! So if the United States has a ‘Dongfeng Nemesis’ Beidou satellite jammer, then China must also have a mini gps satellite blocker.