More and more advanced mobile phones in the future

Signal Jammer

Today's mobile phone industry has entered a period of rapid development, in the eyes of most of us, the future of the mobile phone may only is thinner and more practical operability. With the iPhone and samsung note 6 s series and the continuous development of the galaxy series, smartphone market is also more, now scrambling to develop their own turf. Let's review the past and look forward to the future, today will bring you see in the next 10 years there will be a breakthrough of the revolution of mobile phone technology exactly what !.

1 Advanced voice control

Say to speech, everyone thought it must be the Siri iPhone and Google Gooogle Now. They two occupation of the market, but in fact it's only a primer technology. First of all, they are not smart, they help by really much. In a multilingual environment, their function is nearly equal to the empty white. But under the various mobile phone manufacturers of continuous efforts, we have seen the obvious change. So in the future, we hope most is uttered, mobile phones can help us to complete the function of the complex.

2 Holographic projection technology
Maybe you in many science fiction has seen this kind of virtual images. Actually samsung early years also introduced a built-in projector mobile phone. But under the phone system and the hardware limits, the fact proved that it is not a good idea. But with 3 d technology, the development of virtual technology, mobile phone is likely to be integrated in the future similar hardware and functions of the holographic projection, this can bring you more game experience and audio effect.

3 New biotechnology
Actually the fingerprint unlock biotechnology has been widely used. But this is just a simple form of biological validation. And the iris scanning mobile phones such as Fujitsu. In fact, the human iris, heart, brain and other biological technology will be more difficult to imitate. Mobile phone outside many industries have adopted many of these technologies, such as safety insurance department. So in the future, our phone is most likely to take a variety of biological technology to ensure information completely. Guarantee the cell phone security, to prevent being followed by the GPS satellite positioning

4.There was no difference in the 4 Internet technology
What is there Internet technology? This definition is very broad. Only said mobile phones, simple to understand is if there is no signal, mobile phone is a decoration. Signal has a blind Angle, indiscriminate Internet technology is to change the cell phone signal blind Angle. And phone makers need to do is to integrate the various operators, met dead Angle to realize automatic switching. This is the right of the development of mobile phone.

5 Modular design
Is worth advocating Google phone modular design, and the design has begun to become a trend. But due to the multiple of the technology and the industrial chain, perhaps modular cellular phone does not appear, but if be able to deal with the phone's screen, free upgrades and processors such as main component, this certainly is one of the biggest mobile phone industry innovation.

6. Act as a jammer
Cell phone signal is a big problem, we are focused on why now we need to advocate 4 g, 5 g is due to its good signal and Internet access. Mobile phone is not only a signal receiver, in the future is likely to be a mobile phone Signal Jammer. You can also block other people's mobile phone signal, it has a high military value.

Above is the larger tendency of the development of mobile phone, remains to be seen.