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Hackers declared war on the IS


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Paris, France, on the 13th night happened terrorist attacks.the public outrage, god forbid!. International hacking group "Anonymous" (Anonymous) 16, announced the "islamic state of organization (IS) a declaration of war, vowed to" never leave you ".
Singapore lianhe zaobao quoted Britain's mirror newspaper reports that "anonymous" in YouTube videos, says it will use the organization's knowledge "solidarity of mankind", and warned that terrorists "wait and see."
Wearing a signature V for vendetta mask spokesman said: "global anonymous will put you out."
"You should know that we'll find you, never leave you."
"We will start operation to you, will be one of the most important."
Anonymous also on Twitter (Twitter) said publicly: "make no mistake: anonymous to bar reaches to the sand (Daesh, ' 'organization of the islamic state nickname), we will not stop' islamic countries' organization, we invaded and making a better capability."


The jammer - shop make a brief introduction of the main methods of hackers :


1), access password

That there are three kinds of methods: one is through the Network monitoring illegal user password, this kind of method has certain limitations, but dangerous, listeners tend to get all of their user accounts and passwords, for local area Network security threat; Second, after know user account (such as E-mail @ front part) with some special software to crack the user password, this method is not restricted by a network segment, but hackers want to have enough patience and time; Three is to obtain a user password file on the server (this file be Shadow file), crack user password to use brute force program, the method of use premise is hacker get Shadow password file. Most harmful in all methods, this method because it does not need to like the second method again and again try to log in the server, but will the encrypted password locally compared with Shadow file password can easily solve the user password, especially for the mentally handicapped users (refers to the user password security coefficient is very low, such as a user account for zys, the password is zys666, 666666, or simply zys, etc.) are in just one or two minutes, or even dozens of seconds can kill it.

2), placed a Trojan horse programs
Trojan horse programs can directly into the user's computer and destruction, it is often disguised as utility or game induces the user to open the email attachment with a Trojan horse program or downloaded from the Internet, once the user has opened the email attachments or after executing the program, they will like the ancient Troy people outside the enemy's Tibetan soldiers full of Trojan horse in their computers, and in your own computer system can hide a quietly perform in Windows startup procedure. When you connect to the Internet, this program will inform the hacker, to report your IP address and a port. Hackers after receiving this information, using the lurking in the program, you can arbitrarily modify your computer parameters setting, copy the contents of the file, a peek at your entire hard drive, etc., so as to achieve the goal of control of your computer.

3), steal the privilege
Use a variety of Trojan horse program and the back door. Hacker Jammer software and write your own program of buffer overflow attack, the former can make the hackers illegal gain full control of the user of machine, which can give hackers super user permissions, which has the absolute control of the entire network. This attack means, once work, dangerous.
Above is a brief introduction hackers several main means, if you want to learn more about this information, please pay attention to our News.