Jammers are generally used to disrupt enemy communications

Have you ever used a remote control to open a car, but it has not been opened? Yes, you may be out of Power , but it may also be that you are near a police station, military camp or other specially protected place. At that time, you may not understand why this happened, but the answer is simple: jammer.

Frequency jammers have a very clear and simple goal: to prevent communication on certain frequencies. However, since it is not easy to prevent the device from communicating with other devices, the solution to prevent this type of information transmission is very simple, similar to a DDoS attack: introducing noise at a specified frequency, useless information soaks the tape to prevent arrival Real information.

The jammer can be used to interfere with various types of communications or devices from cellular networks, radar, Bluetooth, GPS, infrared, etc. Despite their wide range of uses, all inhibitors are very simple. They are based on a circuit with an oscillator that generates a signal, a noise generator, an amplifier stage to provide enough Power for the signal, and finally one or more antennas to transmit the signal generated by the card.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are inhibitors of various sizes. From mobile phones to handbags, it always depends on the frequency (one or more) and range (from a few meters to more than one kilometer) to be scanned. Of course, if someone wants to know the origin of these devices, we will have to go back to war, especially World War II, when both sides used cell phone blocker to disrupt enemy communications.

Like many other advances, it even occurs in frequency interference, even in technological advances: there are always people who use it improperly. Jammers can have legitimate uses, such as protecting certain buildings, such as preventing remote activation of explosives. However, in many cases, even if the person using the inhibitor is not aware, it may not be suitable for their use.

The use of jammers became popular in several universities in Spain a few years ago (Oviedo, Seville, Zaragoza or Valencia are some examples). For what? Because the use of this technology is for the benefit of students who do not want to go through the pinganillos who are not in contact with people who give test answers outside, some teachers or faculty and staff run on the middle street through frequency interference, hindering To communicate with the outside world.