Jammers have become legal in some public places

Many educators have trouble figuring out how to use electronic devices in the classroom. Some have educated students about the negative effects and encouraged them to regulate their use. Others even emphasized the possible use of mobile devices in the classroom. However, many people just try to ban everything. A school principal in British Columbia raised the school ban to a new level by setting up a cell phone jammer. There is only one problem-the device is illegal in Canada. The director had ordered the Chinese equipment online, but some angry students soon discovered it and told him it was illegal. This idea is very important, but now he looks bad.

Now, almost all students in the school have mobile phones. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become a "weapon" for many students against teachers. During the lecture, most students were found using mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many students listen to music or play video games in the classroom. It often happens that when the phone rang suddenly when speaking in class, it often caused distractions. Even worse, some students use mobile phones to help them cheat... According to reports, a new phenomenon called "cyberbullying" shows that students share texts and social networks with others electronically if they want to pay attention to classes, they will torture them.

Some countries allow companies and government organizations to install Power Jammers in areas where the use of mobile phones is considered public interference. In December 2004, France legalized mobile phone jammers performing in cinemas, concert halls and other places. France is completing a technology to route emergency calls to emergency calls. India installed jammers in Parliament and some prisons. According to reports, Italian universities have adopted fraud prevention techniques. The students took the test photos with a camera phone and sent them to their classmates.

Since the classroom is usually not very large, it is recommended to carry and carry a portable jammer that is very convenient. All you have to do is press the button to turn it on. Of course, you don’t have to worry about an emergency when someone needs to make a phone call. You can walk out of the classroom and make calls without disturbing others. Alternatively, you can simply turn off the jammer unit as needed.

Mr. MacNeil has taken measures to prevent use in the past, including the purchase of signal jammers (a device that interrupts service). He said the device was considered illegal, but no one in the United States was accused of owning the device. Mr. MacNeil added that when he bought Jammer, he was talking to a teacher who was fully supported in the nearby classroom. Since this jammer is outdated, its effect is poor. It can only block 3G signals at most, and students with smartphones can still use WiFi.

My girlfriend has a professor who will only ask students to get up and read the text aloud, and then explain the conversations related to it. His usual words are: "Because your text message is much more important than the course I’m going to teach, please let us know so that we can all benefit from your message." After reading the first embarrassing text, the unit The grid usage rate dropped sharply. It is not appropriate to use a short-range cell jammer during the inspection process. I believe that professors have an obligation to do everything they can to prevent the exam from being deceived.