Mobile jammers are related to the country’s operators

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There are two types of cell phone jammers-portable and desktop. There are many differences between portable and desktop cell phone jammer. If you need to use it in a car or need to carry it often, usually using a portable battery, then please carefully observe the workload and battery life, because they are the two most important things you need to pay special attention to. Also, please make sure that the website you use is trustworthy! This is important if you do not want to be a victim of scams. Then, be sure to check with your local cellular phone operator to make sure that the frequency you use in your country matches the frequency of the signal-compatible device. Make sure to check the frequency in your country/region, because the frequency of your phone is different in different countries/regions. The standard frequency of mobile phone jammers in is in Germany, and it is also applicable to Europe. Here you can find German mobile phone communication frequency bands.

Thieves can obtain illegal cell phone jammers. They vary in size, from small portable devices to large briefcases. They send signals on the GSM frequency. This prevents the GSM tracking device in the vehicle from sending and receiving messages. Yes, the signals from these illegal devices formed bubbles around the vehicle, very effectively "secretly" tracking the device, no one knew what was going on. Recently, this happened in Congress. The entire U.S. Congress has deployed large cell phone jammers that can effectively block all GSM signals in the House of Representatives. Ok. He can track equipment with three main requirements for resistance to interference. First, the device must be able to detect signal interference. Next, he needs to send an urgent message to tell someone "I'm trapped". The third and most important point is that you need to be able to send this emergency message at a frequency different from the blocking frequency. Beware of crooks-if there is no other unobstructed frequency, the solution will fail.