Mobile phone jammers are also electromagnetic interference

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As of the first half of 2014, the number of registered radio equipment in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province was more than 900,000 units. Compared with the establishment of the radio management agency in 1986, the number has increased tens of thousands of times. Faced with such a large number of stations and an increasingly complex electromagnetic environment, radio managers must not only formulate regular work plans such as annual work plans and monthly monitoring plans, but also have a sense of advanced work, early preparation and early action. .

In the protection of high-speed rail GSM-R frequency band, Xinyu Municipal Bureau of Management has tasted the sweetness of grasping advanced work. As early as 2012, Xinyu City's Non-Regulatory Bureau paid close attention to the construction of high-speed rail, and often included the GSM-R frequency band in the scope of monitoring when performing routine and other electromagnetic environment monitoring tasks. After discovering the existence of illegal occupation and spurious signals, promptly issue a rectification notice to the violating company to correct the phenomenon of illegal occupation. At the same time, actively participate in the rectification process, discuss the rectification plan with its technical personnel, and use its own professional equipment to cooperate with the other party to eliminate spurious signals. In March 2014, during the GSM-R frequency test of the Nanchang-Pingxiang section of the Hangzhou-Changzhou High-speed Railway by the Railway Commission, the electromagnetic environment in Xinyu's jurisdiction passed the acceptance test one time, which gave the green light for the opening and operation of the Xinyu section of the high-speed railway in September.

While doing a good job of daily duty at fixed stations in practice, Xinyu Municipal Bureau of Non-Administration regards the mobile monitoring vehicle as a good supplement to the effective coverage of the fixed monitoring network, and pays attention to its comprehensive effectiveness. On the way to the county and district environmental testing, on the way to the test guarantee, during the interval of service for the establishment of the station, they seized every available opportunity to turn on the monitoring system on the mobile monitoring vehicle to monitor the electromagnetic environment along the way. This has greatly increased the coverage of the radio monitoring network, obtained a large amount of real-time monitoring data, and accumulated a large amount of monitoring data over time. According to this, the technical staff of Xinyu City's Non-Administrative Bureau have a clear picture of the electromagnetic environment in their minds, and they are all clear about where there are KTV wireless microphone frequencies, where there are infrared alarm transmission frequencies, and where the frequency of the walkie-talkie is complicated. Unknown signals can be discovered and processed in time as soon as they appear, eliminating the illegal use of radio mobile cell phone jammerin the embryonic stage.

The Xinyu Municipal Non-Administrative Bureau also pays attention to scientifically carrying out publicity work to let the public understand the importance of radio management, so as to achieve a multiplier effect in management. The effective management of mobile phone jammers in Xinyu City is one example. In the past few years, interference incidents with mobile phone jammers have occurred from time to time. The Xinyu Municipal Bureau of Non-Administration has taken the initiative to coordinate with various departments on many occasions. The municipal government has also issued a special document on the use of mobile phone jammers, requiring all users to take the initiative to register with the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau. , But with little effect.

In recent years, with the increasing number of various examination guarantee tasks, the staff of the Xinyu City Non-Administrative Bureau have seized this opportunity and actively carried out radio propaganda work, from the characteristics of the radio, the occurrence of interference, how to investigate, and how to locate , To explain the working principle of mobile phone jammer one by one. One case after another was told in the form of storytelling, letting the leaders and the masses of each unit understand the working principle of mobile phone jammers, the hazards of electromagnetic interference, and the importance of radio management in the way of spring rain moisturizing things quietly. Sex.

The People’s Insurance Bureau of Xinyu City, when replacing the mobile phone jammer in early 2013, took the initiative to find the No. Authority, requesting equipment samples to be tested, and stated that only products that have been tested and approved were purchased; the Municipal Education Bureau held a special meeting on the use of mobile phone jammers. Schools are required to report their existing mobile phone jammers to the NSA for registration and record. Newly purchase mobile phone jammers must be tested and approved by the NSA. In the past two years, the Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Control has not received any complaints caused by interference from mobile phone jammers.

With the rapid development of science and technology today, the business of radio management is developing rapidly. As long as we have more sense of responsibility, more worry, more advanced awareness in our work, focus on the big, start from the small, be conscientious and responsible, we can make The radio management work has sustained fruitful results.