UAV jammers are the most effective for drones

UAV jammer

The BBC reported on the 15th that what the Patriot missile shot down was not a military drone, but a small civilian quadrotor drone, which was used for photography and entertainment and was worth less than US$200. And this incident of cannon hitting mosquitoes may have occurred in Iraq, so can we choose shielding products-Drone jammer.

Prior to this, David Perkins, commander of the US Army Training and Education Command, confirmed that this was done by the military of an ally of the United States, and that this approach of using missiles to hit drones is really uneconomical.

The Patriot missile is an important part of the US anti-missile system and is used to intercept ballistic missiles. Served in approximately 12 American allied armies, distributed in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Extremist organizations change their tactics and increase drones to attack Iraqi government forces. The reason why this happened is related to the current tactical changes of extremist organizations in the Iraqi battlefield.
The Iraqi government has recently strengthened its offensive against Mosul, and the tactics of extremist organizations have been adjusted accordingly:
Reduce the use of car bombs and increase drone jammer attacks. According to statistics, on February 27 alone, Iraqi government forces were attacked by more than 70 drone bombs.

Faced with the drone offensive of extremist organizations, the Iraqi government forces have adopted various measures. They tried to shoot down the drone with heavy machine guns. However, the drone has a small target and is not easy to hit. At this time, the Patriot missile, which the UAV jammer can accurately strike, came in handy.

Justin Bronke, a researcher at the Royal Armed Forces Research Institute, pointed out that using Patriot missiles against civilian drones is definitely a sledgehammer. This incident also reflects the huge challenges faced by traditional combat methods in the face of cheap and easily available UAV jammers.