Smothered North Korea communication system

Signal Jammer

Mobile phone is becoming more and more popular in the north, and even become young people propose the best gift. The development of mobile phones in north Korea are twists and turns, until the number began to rapid growth in recent years, but until now, north Korea mobile penetration is close to 1/10, only use basic confined to the Powerful group and the elite, on brand, function also is limited by a lot. In the world has entered the age of mobile Internet, north koreans on the basis of mobile phone demand is far not enough.

We all know that north Korea is a closed country, very few people have been to Korea, so we can't imagine what north Korea is a country. Recently it was reported that Kim jong UN using the Iphone 6 s, but a sign of the north, this is really let a person cannot understand. Through few reports we can guess what the Korean monitor strictly, pinhole camera,Signal jammers device everywhere. The life of the people is always be monitored.

Not 2G in there, directly into the 3 G era. With the world completely derailed. We can only say Modern Smartphones are really Vulnerable. In our opinion the android mobile phone system, apple mobile phone system, how many gigabytes of memory is a dream for ordinary people. Because they don't understand, they only know that has a mobile phone is a great thing. What we call the wireless

Internet access in their view is a luxury thing. So it was very bold say their wi-fi is vulnerable.

Listen to a friend who came back from north Korea say the Cell tower triangulation is very scarce in the north, when the government to build its people will build the tower, and they think that set up communication tower as close to their own home network, the better. On the contrary we think Its radiation harm to human body health.

Above is just a part of north Korea communications, it is fair to say north Korea's people have phones, hunger and disease.