Mobile payment, safety first, what should you do?

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The rapid development of science and technology led to the rapid development of mobile phone industry, in intelligent life at present, mobile payment is the most convenient way to pay, so in the convenience of payment at the same time, the mobile payment has become the most concerned about security problems, especially some of the elderly in modern science and technology are not familiar with. In real life we may hear the voice of one sort or another, the mobile phone of the money in the bank had disappeared, the excess payment, mobile payment has become an indispensable part in modern life.Phone payment plan has played more and more important role in many people's life.

Many people are putting their private information at risk willingly. They share it through social networks, with their smartphones and transmit it over the Internet with an unencrypted protocols. That's why we always tell or readers that the safety of their private information is their concern, and no one will be able to protect it, if they won't do at least something for it. Protect your information, it is easy, but may even save your life someday !

so how can we ensure the security of mobile payment? The jammer-shop out of a few action to everyone,

Set the password.
Everyone in the use of mobile phones, set a difficult to crack the password, for their own pay treasure, balance, financial management, such as the mobile banking payment way to set up different password, and account, this is the most effective way to protect mobile phone information security, can effectively prevent the security hidden danger of cell phone lost or stolen.

Security software.
Must be capable of anti-theft security management software in the mobile phone, remember to activate after installation set anti-theft function. By friends and family number, login account software, the way such as personal computers, anti-theft functions, can track mobile phone location, locked, ringing alarm sounds, delete data, when the phone in card can also have a SMS alerts.

No Root system.
The possibility of Root cell phone system, mobile phone virus infection, increased risk of mobile payment. So do not blindly Root phone system, ensure that mobile phone system stability. Want to update the system, certain formal official website to download the update, guide operation by professionals.

Report the loss of cell phone card.
After the phone lost, should immediately report the loss of cell phone card to local business hall, and immediately fill do a new card, avoid being used for other purposes, others for unauthorized his own money. Immediately and contact customer service such as credit CARDS, pay treasure, wealth management, in addition to the binding or freeze on mobile payment business, prevent the money stolen brush, reduce their losses.

Be careful of qr code.
Don't scan the qr code in life, be careful risk was hidden in it. Qr code has now become a new way to the spread of the malicious software, is easy to download to the cell phone when the scanning download malicious software, into the trap of others design, endanger the safety of the own mobile payment.

Don't install the software.
Install the software to download to regular mobile phone shop, in a timely manner after download virus killing, ensure no download software. Don't download the installation source software, the software part to prevent fraud masquerading as other software into the mobile phone, for some unknown source software to report in a timely manner, to prevent the spread of the virus.

In time of peace prepare for war.

Although there is a certain risk, mobile payment brought great convenience to our life, will play a more and more important role in our life, as long as we set up prevention consciousness of in time of peace prepare for war, completes the protective measures, then we can put this risk reduced to a minimum.

if we do like that can make sure go phone payment security .you want to know more about smartphones payment you can focus on news from jammer-shop.