Portable Jammers Can Quiet Prisoners


Smuggling the phone is a real problem. They allow prisoners to secretly take drugs, engage in illegal activities, and even organize murders in front of guards and guards. A prison in South Carolina recently discovered 35,000 phone calls and text messages in 23 days. As a result, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley urged to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones. Prisoners can make calls, but only on special landlines that can be monitored by law enforcement agencies.

What about cell phones in prison? The cell phone held by the prisoner allowed him to contact external partners to coordinate the escape plan, causing life-threatening conditions for the guards and the surrounding public. Prison reports more often indicate that a hidden cell phone was used to harass a crime victim, or a prisoner repeatedly intimidated the victim to persuade the victim to drop the charge or change their story to increase suspicion of the testimony.

Many detainees continue to organize illegal drug trade within the prison walls. Cell phones are an important means for prisoners to keep drug organizations functioning and under strict control. By contacting visitors, prisoners can arrange the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so that they can continue to maintain the same illegal habits as detainees. Families often suffer harassment by relatives in custody and ask for bail after they realize that relatives are better detained.

Rosenstein cited a preliminary ruling that the Federal Criminal Police Office, which has 185,000 inmates, confiscated the mobile phones of more than 5,000 inmates in 2016, but this number increased last year. The agency said his office has been tracking a case of a Tennessee inmate using smuggling mobile phones to download and send child pornography, and another case involving North Carolina gang members using mobile phones to attack children. Order the prosecutor's father. Signal cell phone blocker is a perfect solution to the problem of prison mobile phones. The prison department installed two mobile phones in the central prison so that prisoners at risk can contact employees by smuggling mobile phones into the prison.

Since the area coverage of the cell phone jammer is 50 m to 60 m, these two areas will be covered. It prevents the mobile phone from making or receiving calls. This prevents disciples and criminals from keeping in touch with their allies for outdoor activities. DIG said the technical team will also visit the central prisons of Kudalor and Coimbatore next week to install jammers. He added: "With the infamous criminals, fundamentalists, LTEE and Naksas being placed in the central prisons of Vellore, Coimbatore and Kudalor, the department is taking measures, Install jammers in these prisons as soon as possible."

Warden Shanmugha Sundaram said that they had tested the jammer on Monday and will continue to conduct it in the next two days. They will be fully functional by Wednesday. He said: "This will make our work easier and avoid unnecessary problems in the prison. GPS jammers only need to destroy the downlink of the cellular receiver and generate a sufficiently strong carrier frequency band to prevent mobile phones Log in to the data channel. This may mean that no external antennas are required, which limits the potential interference to most adjacent property units. Individual rules can be viewed as restricting or prohibiting the facility’s ability to own and operate jammers while in the vicinity of the cell. By using leaky coaxial cables instead of distributed antenna systems to further control potential interference.