Surrounding signals may be shielded by short range gps jammer

Short Range GPS Jammer

On January 23, 2019, Nanyang Non-Administrative Bureau received a complaint from Nanyang Mobile Company, claiming that the communication base station near Provincial Highway 231 Xiaochenzhuang was interfered, which seriously affected the communication safety around the national highway, and requested assistance in investigation. After receiving the complaint, Nanyang Non-Administrative Bureau responded quickly and immediately activated the radio security program during the Spring Festival Transport, organized monitoring and law enforcement personnel, and worked with public security departments and mobile personnel to search for the interference area.

After direction finding and positioning, the monitoring personnel located the interference source in a civilian warehouse near Xiaochenzhuang. On-site inspection found that the warehouse is mainly used for parking mortgage vehicles. In order to prevent the vehicles from being located, the relevant personnel installed 4 GPS Jammers. The short range gps jammer does not have basic information such as production location and model approval code. After turning off the jammer, the interference disappeared and the communication order returned to normal. After taking pictures on the spot to save the spectrum information, law enforcement officers issued legal documents according to law and dismantled the short range gps jammer for temporary detention. Currently, the case is being further processed.