The jammer equipment is installed to reduce fraud

The development of modern mobile technology makes it easier for young students to cheat by reading text messages or pictures on their mobile phones. Teachers are often too resistant to mobile phone fraud. But Italian universities have their own ways of dealing with people and using high-tech tools to reduce fraud. The school installed a cell phone blocker device on the wall of the school classroom. The device may make noise and the phone may not communicate normally.

This school is called Enrico Tosi in northern Italy. The school came up with a way to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat, thanks mainly to military technology. Principal Bonny Tito-Ryan left (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said: "Most schools try to get students to take the test before the test mobile phone, but some students do not pay the phone." Ryan left this week to test this portable interference for the Italian Ministry of Education Performance. The device, like a box, is called C-Guard and was developed by experts from the Italian military and defense industries. The device can block cell phone signals within a 262-foot radius.

The device was eventually installed by Italian authorities across Italy to prevent students from cheating during the exam. Ryan believes that the device was very successful during the test. Some schools in Italy now plan to turn on such devices even during uncontrolled times, because starting the device all day may also disrupt the normal communication of teachers, which will make teachers uncomfortable. "We minimize the impact," Rennes said. "For example, the school should turn off the equipment at noon."

Disadvantages of mobile phones on campus Recently in Canada, many parents said "mobile war" on the school campus: with the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students can use their phones or in the electronic text messaging class to use mobile phones, private or cotton to display the campus: exclusive or The new function makes the teacher have a headache. If students do not follow the rules, how can they be punished for using mobile phones in the classroom? It stipulates that most provinces in Canada, teachers have the right to take "necessary measures" to take mandatory measures to maintain teaching regulations, some provinces such as Ontario will remove more "student classroom mobile phone use" in the "interference teaching task" category (Toronto) A high school once saw a student using a mobile phone e-book in the classroom, the phone was confiscated by the teacher, and the student's protest in the lounge was eventually rejected.

But the school also has the problem of guiding students. The uneven port school campus of Victoria Island, British Columbia, is full of student mobile phones, and principal Gray purchased the "GSM signal jammer" on the campus. As long as someone uses the phone in the surveillance area, the device can quickly interrupt the signal sent by the phone and embarrass the user, "please give me your phone" voice. Although the use of mobile phones on campus decreased by two-thirds of the equipment, the students quickly launched an attack and threatened the threat. The key disassembly equipment to prevent the provincial education department from "interfering with the legitimate rights and interests of students" was convincing