Satellite TV signal reception jammers have enormous damage to human body :

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Today, the installation everywhere in the streets, we can see the satellite signal jammer. Installed in the eyes of many people, this can save money and be able to get a lot of fast signal, is kill two birds with one stone. But what does not know behind this lie in the enormous harm to human body health. Let's listen to the authoritative experts explain.

Launch Satellite Signal Jammers c-band electromagnetic signals than on satellite launch nearly five thousand times more signal strength! Satellite launch electromagnetic wave reaches the ground base will be absorbed by the land and buildings! And jammers transmitting electric magnetic wave due to the strong, structures or obstacles will be diffuse in all directions!!! According to the qualitative material of different obstacles through the or reflection! The human body is belong to be through the type of! Jammers were mostly used in military purposes! People living in the rays is equivalent to life in the scanning scope of X-ray machines! Imagine how much damage will be! Don't know why in many places due to the interference method application in satellite interference signals the civil purposes? Maybe even jamming equipment people don't know this kind of equipment to the harm of human body! Which hurt biggest for infants and young children and teenagers! For adults only affect fertility. Is the male sperm lose the vigor! Women increases the chances of an ectopic pregnancy, serious cancer! But the cost of the jammer is very low!

There are some radio based people can even self-control! Of course you can only find their own home satellite equipment is not working! Actually the body itself is the biggest damage or invisible harm! Please the relevant departments of discretionary use! In our European and American developed countries have strict laws prohibit such equipment is used for civil! But that for some of the illegal ACTS without law enforcement efficiency!

Who star TV radio interference its working principle is to use the frequency sweep type (3.7 to 4.2 GHz) broadband pulse directional scanning, made in a particular area of satellite receiving antenna receiving ability or directly bring the frequency reduction, achieve satellite antenna receiving and use is prohibited. Within the scope of the interference, all users receive the band satellite TV to watch TV. When the interfering signal is greater than the satellite signal 20 db, television images in horse racing, when the interfering signal is more than 30 db, the satellite signal television went black. Satellite radio jammer interference signal radiation is bigger, can affect the health of the residents in the nearby!

Through the above information we know that the satellite signal jammer to accept to be reckoned with to the person's harm, should cause enough attention. In order to avoid our body suffers innocent harm, maybe we can consider to buy a GPS Jammers to reduce its harm to our health. In experts' opinion this is a good choice. If you want to know more information you can look at the jammer-shop news.