WiFi jammer blocks wireless internet

In addition to talking about wifi jammers, there are also desktop wifi jammers and portable wifi jammer. I believe my dear ladies or gentlemen, you have seen the size of these jammers vary. Some are portable and easy to carry, while others are desktop and larger, not as easy to carry as portable jammers, which is very obvious. In addition, desktop jammers do not have a car charger and can only work after connecting them to a Power adapter, while portable wifi jammers are all car chargers with built-in batteries and can interfere like mobile phones, except for small GPS, when connected When working on an electric lighter. And another difference you should be aware of is that fixed jammers have higher heat dissipation than portable jammers because of their larger size and some built-in fans.

mobile wifi jammer

If you want to use a WiFi jammer, please remember that your own wireless internet will also be blocked. And don't forget the satellite signal of the TV, because sometimes, if the frequency is the same, this kind of exclusive interference may affect it. All in all, jammers will interfere with equipment that mainly needs signal transmission at work. Therefore, before choosing a jammer, please confirm the signal you want to jam, and then select the jammer corresponding to the signal to meet your requirements.