Cell phone jammers prevent sneak shots on the street

cell phone jammer

How much is the secret video of the connector worth? Faced with more and more indecent candid videos flowing into people's field of vision, we have to pull our perspective into the huge benefits behind the candid video industry chain at the bottom of the skirt! Generally, a street video like this can be sold at a price of 500-1000 yuan every ten minutes; if it catches up with the time when the crackdown on sneak shots is more stringent, the purchase price will rise sharply, then how to stop the sneak shots, we can use mobile cell phone jammer. prevent.

At the intersection of the commercial pedestrian street, a young woman in a short skirt is using her mobile phone to text a friend. A middle-aged man wearing sunglasses came to her and asked her for directions. The crutches in his hand were smoothly placed on the ground between the woman's feet; the woman only gave directions to the man without knowing the other's movements behind her. After the man left, the woman only felt that there was nothing inconvenient for the man to look like his legs and feet. Why should he use crutches? But she didn’t think too much. She walked into a shopping mall by the road and selected some clothes. She went to the fitting room to try on whether it fits. Maybe there will be a surveillance camera in the fitting room. We can carry a mobile phone with us. The jammer stops.

However, what made this woman never expected was that some time later, a colleague told her that she saw some indecent photos on a certain website that looked like her. She was dumbfounded when she surfed the internet. Those photos were really of herself, and they were all photos of private parts, and there were even nude photos of her naked body when she was changing clothes. These photos were made into a photo album and were titled "The Loneliness of a White-Collar Young Woman". The photos made her unable to face the people around her, and her boyfriend broke up with her in annoyance.

This is a real case that happened in Beijing a few months ago. After investigation by the police, the man asking for directions was the one who secretly photographed the victim, and his equipment was the crutch; in the fitting room, the equipment left by the secret photographer was also hidden.

The salty pig hand incident on the Shanghai subway recently has once again made women how to protect themselves from being violated in public has become a hot topic again. Sneak shooting of women’s privacy in public places has long existed. However, this kind of candid shooting is not just a quirk of people with mental disabilities, but has gradually evolved into a cornucopia of illegal gangs, forming a tightly linked yellow industrial chain. , So we have to protect ourselves, cell phone jammers are the best tool to prevent sneak shots.