Mobile jammers stop cheating

cell phone jammer

The registration and payment of the National Judicial Examination in 2014 ended on the 10th. According to statistics from the Judicial Examination Office of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, compared with last year, the number of applicants this year has increased slightly, which is a year with more applicants over the years.

At the same time, it is understood that in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the judicial examination, this year Shandong Province listed Zibo City as one of the first pilot cities in Shandong Province, and adopted handhelds to prevent taking the test. The handheld device will be placed at the entrance of the examination room to collect the profile picture, ID card, admission ticket and other information of each examinee who enters the examination room. The information will be compared in real time with the personal information uploaded by the examinee during registration in the background. If the information conflicts with each other, the examinee will be examined whether it is a substitute test. In addition, the test site will continue to use metal detectors, mobile cell phone jammer and other equipment to minimize cheating.

The staff of the Judicial Examination Office of the Municipal Judicial Bureau said: Reference candidates must prepare for the exam with a serious and correct attitude, and refer to them with integrity, and there should be no fluke.

According to the Measures for the Handling of Violations of National Judicial Examinations formulated by the Ministry of Justice, those who take the test, use mobile phone jammers to prevent cheating, or transmit information to each other in the examination room will be punished by leaving the examination room and canceling the examination results on the spot. Anyone who cheats on behalf of the exam or participates in collusion inside and outside the exam room will also be punished by the provincial and municipal judicial administrative organs as not being allowed to register for the national judicial examination within two years.