Mobile jammers can't affect identity authentication

cell phone jammer

Up to now, Fangshan Town, Dingtao County, Shandong Province has successfully completed the verification of the new rural insurance retirement. There are more than 7,200 elderly people over 60 years old in the town. There is no case of delay in receiving pensions due to verification. The warm, thoughtful, and efficient service of the town’s human society has been praised by the people all the time, and there is no mobile cell phone jammer. , Internet speed is very fast.

Due to the hot weather, many elderly people arrived at the town’s human agency early in the morning. In order not to allow the elderly to wait too long in the human agency, the town’s human agency calculated the time taken in advance according to the size of the administrative village and the number of elderly people. , And then combined with the village coordinator to give notices one day in advance from house to house to avoid crowding in the town.

In order to ensure that the people are on the go for inspection, the whole staff will go to work half an hour in advance every morning. No matter how hot the weather is at noon, they will not take a break. The 5 staff members take turns to eat. When the inspection is finished and when to leave work in the afternoon, sometimes it is busy until 9 pm Many, working on Saturdays and Sundays is commonplace. Deputy director Hu Xiaolin, staff members Yang Qing, and Pei Wenlu have been working with illnesses for a long time.

A set of palm vein recognition equipment is necessary for identity verification. They checked the mobile phone jammers several days in advance to keep the network running at a perfect speed. Only 300 or 400 people can be authenticated every day, and the entire verification requires 20 For many days, in this arduous and labor-intensive work, the town’s Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau implemented the plan and made detailed preparations. Starting from the end of April, the certification work was completed in two months.