Cell phone jammer to prevent eavesdropping

cell phone jammer

In the 1998 World Cup in France, France staged an eavesdropping incident on the Brazil team in order to meet the Netherlands in the final! After the Brazilian coach Zagallo learned that the Dutch defeated the Argentine team, he immediately held a coaching meeting to discuss military issues. Unexpectedly, a French spy, dressed as a waiter, entered the small conference hall of the hotel and successfully stole the Brazilian coach. The group’s conversation was confidential. If there was a cell phone jammer at the time, perhaps their eavesdropping would not be so successful.

That night, Zagallo had coffee and summoned the left and right coaching staff to the small conference hall of the hotel. They watched carefully the video of the match between the Dutch team and the Argentine team. Just before the end of the video, a short French waiter walked into the conference hall. He nodded at everyone politely, then cleaned up the debris with his hands and feet, and put a bottle of elegant and unique coffee pots. At the long table, he smiled and exited. In later time, only one waitress came in and out of the room by accident.

After the Brazilian coaches watched the video, they immediately put a do not disturb sign outside the door, and the coaches began to discuss the Brazilian team's military aircraft in the semifinals. Unexpectedly, the content of Zagallo and others' conversations reached the ears of Dutch coach Hiddink late in the night. If there was a mobile phone jammer at this time, no words would enter his ears.

Of course, Brazilians are not vegetarian. When Zagalo’s spies reported to him that the content of the meeting was leaked, he immediately reported to the hotel’s security department, which immediately began an investigation, but the relevant personnel had already been missing. According to the investigation by the Ministry of Security, the main reason for the leak was the hotel waitress Kelly. Kelly is a volunteer for the World Cup and was transferred to the hotel to serve the Brazilian team. On the night of the incident, Kelly and her boyfriend Tone took over the relationship, and the two planned well to do a vigorous career for the French team. Because the French hope to meet the Dutch team in the final and hope that the Dutch team defeats the Brazilian team, the football spies try their best to steal the Brazilian's intelligence and dedicate it to the Dutch.

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