Mobile phone jammer is a national exclusive control product

cell phone jammer

200 yuan, what can I do with a mobile phone card? You may not imagine that such a simple investment can produce a mobile cell phone jammer. Eavesdropping is not limited by time and place, and the shape is even smaller than a matchbox. Such advanced technology and products not only appear in 007 movies, but also in several electronic markets in Hangzhou. Such mobile phone jammers can be seen everywhere.

On November 13, Zhejiang Electronics Market. The smaller the more expensive, the prices of my three products here are 180 yuan, 200 yuan, and 280 yuan respectively. A shop owner said there was such a thing, but he didn't talk about mobile jammers, only products. The signal jammers sold in his store are not many types and not beautiful enough, almost all of them are the same black small square boxes. He said that simply listening to the sound is cheaper, 180 yuan/piece, and 280 yuan for the combination of eavesdropping and positioning. Some people have been selling it since last year, and the prices on the Internet are similar to here.

The cost is very low, and the seller's profit point comes from the high risk of selling. Attorney Mei Ning of Zhejiang Junan Century Law Firm said that mobile phone jamming devices belong to the state-controlled products, and their production, sales, possession and use are strictly restricted. It can only be used when the national security department and the public security department are conducting investigations under certain conditions.

The National Security Law stipulates that no individual or organization shall illegally possess or use mobile phone jammers, stealing photos and other special espionage equipment; the Criminal Law stipulates that illegally producing, selling, using eavesdropping, stealing photos and other special equipment, causing serious consequences Investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. Attorney Mei said that although there are no clear privacy regulations in the current legal system, private use and trading of eavesdropping devices are illegal. To prevent eavesdropping, of course, it is also necessary to develop the habit of regularly cleaning the desk, dressing table, and car tool box/stuff box, and collect and store items of unknown origin. If possible, you can purchase anti-eavesdropping equipment.