Mobile jammers prevent professional eavesdropping

cell phone jammer

Xing, who came to Shen from other places, borrowed the name of postgraduate entrance examination institution to ensure that he could attract candidates to participate in training. The so-called protection is cheating with the help of mobile cell phone jammer. In June of this year, Xing was arrested on suspicion of illegally using mobile phone jammers and stealing photos.

Xing is 32 years old this year, from Lingyuan, Liaoning. He has a university education and no occupation. He had a history of forging the seal of a public institution. The procuratorial agency charged that in December 2013, Xing bought a mobile phone jammer for wiretapping through the Internet in a writing room in Dadong District, and provided candidates for cheating in the unified national postgraduate examination held in January this year to obtain illegal benefits. It was identified that the equipment purchased and used by Xing Mou was a special equipment for eavesdropping.

Xing said that he negotiated the price and payment method with the other party on the phone. In the postgraduate exam in January this year, he passed more than 10 answers. Xing’s machine for receiving signals and the test answer were bought from the QQ group who worked in our business for 100 yuan and 5,000 yuan respectively.

The Dadong District People’s Court’s Juvenile Case Comprehensive Tribunal found that Xing had illegally used special equipment for wiretapping and harmed the fair order of the national examination, and his behavior constituted the crime of illegal use of special equipment for wiretapping. After Xing came to the case and confessed his crime truthfully, he can be given a lighter punishment in accordance with the law. Xing had received a criminal punishment for the crime but still did not want to repent. He committed the crime again and could be punished severely as appropriate. In July this year, the Dadong District People’s Court did not In the first trial of the adult case comprehensive court, Xing was sentenced to six months in prison for illegal use of special equipment for mobile phone jammers, and Xing Xing's illegal income of 40,000 yuan was recovered and turned over to the state treasury.