Cell phone jammers prevent fakes

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Recently, CCTV's "News Room" exposed the interest chain of the college entrance examination gunmen for the exam, and fingerprints surfaced for the exam. It is reported that fingerprint verification machines are commonly used in college entrance examination examination rooms in Henan Province to verify the identities of candidates. For this reason, the organizers of the shooters also specially prepared a fake fingerprint film for each shooter. According to the regulations of Henan Province, when registering for the college entrance examination, candidates have already entered their right middle finger fingerprints. On the day of the college entrance examination, candidates’ fingerprints must match the fingerprint data stored in the fingerprint verification machine before they can enter. If the machine interferes, different results may occur.

The fingerprint film exposed in the Henan College Entrance Examination Case was fake, which also brought the problem of anti-cheating to the surface. Fingerprint identification authentication is greatly affected by environmental temperature and personal skin conditions. It is not easy to collect fingerprints of some examinees, and there are a large number of products that duplicate fingerprints on the market, which causes problems for examinees who pass fingerprint verification. In reality, the use of inkpad to steal fingerprints of others occurs frequently, and this phenomenon has occurred in many places, so we need to use mobile cell phone jammer to block networked devices to prevent them from being fake.

The above-mentioned dangers send a signal: The fingerprint recognition technology, which has matured and is widely used, still has its own security vulnerabilities that are difficult to overcome. Since fingerprints are exposed on the body surface, they cannot be copied and stolen, and there is an urgent need for more secure and equally convenient identification and security technologies. It is understood that the fingerprint film is divided into optical fingerprint film and capacitive fingerprint film, which can deceive the optical eye of the punch card with fake and real, use high-tech nano materials to collect fingerprints, and then pour silica gel into the template to form a fingerprint. membrane. In order to gain a place in the market, many businesses continue to develop new fingerprint film collection materials. The materials are unique, have good circulation performance, are colorless, odorless and non-toxic, and are quite popular in the market.

World-renowned universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises are developing a new type of finger vein identification and authentication system. Finger vein identification is a living body identification technology. The biometric carrier of vein identification-the vein blood vessel is located below the epidermis and inside the finger. Relying on flowing blood to form blood vessel images, even if a living finger is copied, the image will be completely different once the blood has coagulated.

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