Mobile phone jammer prevents surveillance video

cell phone jammer

On the eve of the 2014 high school entrance examination, more than 20 departments in Anshan City took the joint nursing examination. A total of 48,540 people participated in the high school entrance examination this year, of which 22,672 were junior high school candidates and 25,868 were second year candidates. There are 24 test centers and 762 test rooms in the city.

To prevent high-tech fraud, electronic surveillance video systems, hand-held metal detectors and 4G mobile cell phone jammer are used throughout the entrance examination. During the examination period, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology sent a mobile radio testing vehicle to inspect, detect and suppress signals in key examination areas, and crack down on any high-tech fraud that occurred. Traffic control is also implemented on the densely-moved roads around the test site, and the departments of health, environmental protection, industry and commerce, and urban construction have carried out all-round management and services for the affairs they are responsible for.

At 8:30 on the 28th, nearly 50,000 people started the subject language test, and the candidates began to answer the papers seriously. The test arrangement method is mixed according to the candidates' volunteers. Candidates who volunteer to apply for a demonstrative high school are arranged in the corresponding demonstrative high school; candidates who volunteer for teacher training, general high school, general technical secondary school, and vocational high school (junior high school) are arranged in a general high school. The seat numbers of the exam room and candidates for the second year of junior high school are arranged randomly in the urban area. In the monitoring room of the high school entrance examination command center, the reporter saw part of the examination rooms of each county (city) district displayed on the big screen.

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