Cell phone ringing is prohibited at concerts

He said: "The pianist who is playing Chopin's masterpiece "Piano Concerto No. 1" now has excellent technique and tone, and most importantly, the costumes are great. Yes, let us team up with friends." I tried to open The phone is internal, but for some reason, it is "out of service." Before the concert, I can exchange things like "I am looking forward to the concert from now on" and "I am envious, I am working overtime", but I think this is a malfunction of my phone, so I put it in school bag. Then, after enjoying Chopin’s excellent performance, I took a break. When I looked at the phone, I found that all three antennas were standing firmly. I suddenly understood that my phone was shielded by the cell phone jammer.

First of all I want to refuse, but the basic picture of turning off the Power of the mobile phone in the concert ticket is. In particular, classical music has a wide volume and is unparalleled pop music, and the last part of Marler's "Symphony No. 9" has a concert hall with a huge sound vibration. , The performance of the orchestra is low, you can't hear it unless you listen carefully for more than 5 minutes, and the song ends quietly. When 2,000 viewers listened with sigh, not only the ringtone of the mobile phone, but also the ringtone of the telephone line, even the resonance sound set in the behavior pattern, were also the hearing of the surrounding audience. The most important thing is that if you write a message next to you, you will feel anxious and you will not be able to focus on the music. This is why a jammer is used to mute the concert, just to prevent the ringtone from interrupting the concert midway.

Before the start of the concert, not only in Japan but all over the world, we heard the announcement that "use of mobile phones in the venue will cause inconvenience to other customers, please turn off the Power . It is also very common in concert halls. It is not very popular anywhere in the world, because the system will warn you when you are excitedly waiting for the show to start, but even if you are cautious with the 2000 audience, please turn your phone away. It is inevitable that some people will forget to erase, or even if they intend to erase, it will not disappear because it happens often. By the way, the reason why mobile phones cannot be used during Chopin’s performance is the installation of "communication jammer equipment" in major concert halls in Japan.

The mobile phone first sends out radio waves to convey its own location information, and the nearest base station responds to this, thereby connecting the mobile phone to the base station. Therefore, the communication jammer device strongly emits radio waves of the same frequency as the mobile phone, causing the mobile phone to misunderstand that it is a response from the base station. However, the radio waves from the prevention equipment do not include the control radio waves contained in the radio waves from the base station, so for mobile phones, "Oh, this radio wave is strange. I don't know. It seems that it will be "not used temporarily" Feel it and stop using it.

This is a very convenient communication jammer device, but it is not used in every hall in the world. For example, by blocking people who communicate with people who are engaged in medical care, you will not be able to receive emergency contacts, and the pacemaker for organs with chronic diseases in the mind remotely monitors people who are using the ring, such as the system. This is because some countries are legal Banned because they will be blocked.
In addition, if this communication jammer device is used maliciously, it may damage society. Therefore, in Japan, it can only be used where a license is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The condition for the issuance of the license is that "the scope of communication deterrence is limited to a certain space, and the space (concert hall, theater and cinema) is not open to the public." .. The reason is "to ensure the smooth execution of the box office." If you use it without permission, you will violate the Radio Law (up to 5 years in prison or a fine of 2.5 million yen).

But, surprisingly, museums and libraries that also need to be silent are not licensed. It seems that it does not meet the requirements of "ensure the smooth execution of the box office." Just like in a concert hall, calling a museum or library is a violation of politeness, but even if the bell rings, it is unlikely to disrupt all art appreciation and reading. Nakaniwa, in the life of the Internet in the house and censorship in the field, some people inquired about the proposal. On the other hand, in a concert hall, using a mobile phone may prevent people around you from watching the concert.

 Well, this is a classic concert that needs such silence, but the noise that destroys it does not only come from the auditorium. For example, external noise. Even if there is a large dump truck nearby, the patrol car will sound the sirens, or the children are playing while singing, but if they enter the hall, they will not be able to play. On the contrary, if the concert hall emits sound, the sound of the concert hall will interfere with local residents. When the orchestra makes a sound in the hall once and makes a good sound, the sound on the stage will reach 110 decibels, and the loud-sounding horns and percussion instruments will exceed 120 decibels, which exceeds the volume of a live performance. This is related to the sound of jet engines. This is also an acoustic technology that prevents loud sounds from leaking to the outside.

 But actually, what’s more troublesome is that the vibration of electric vehicles is loud. Especially when the subway runs under the lobby. In London, England, there is a concert hall, which is affected by the vibration of the subway; in Tokyo, there is a historic venue built on the subway. By the way, in the recent concert hall, the subway problem has been solved through the development of construction technology, for example, even if I can understand, I can’t imagine, for example, there is a huge box with a performance venue floating in the building . The "box-in-box" method has been incorporated into many new halls, and it is easy to reach due to its proximity to the subway station.