The country attaches great importance to mobile phone jammers

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In the early morning of October 25, 2011, an escape incident occurred in the Yubei Prison in Henan Province. Currently, the criminals who escaped have not been captured. The escape from the Shenzhou Prison in Hebei has not subsided, and another escape from the Yubei Prison in Henan. Where are the loopholes in prison management? Why can mobile phones send out signals frequently? Why do jailbreak incidents occur one after another, and how to stop cell phone signal! Where can I find a cell phone jammer?

Yesterday, Zaobao saw a report posted by the Public Security Bureau of Xinxiang City, Henan Province at the Lucun Village Committee near Yubei Prison. A person familiar with the Henan police said that 23-year-old Dong Yunhai was sentenced to 14 years in prison for theft. As of the 25th, he has served five years in Yubei Prison. However, why Dong Yunhai escaped and how he successfully escaped through layers of defenses is still unknown to the outside world. What does this have to do with mobile phone signal jammers?

From 25th to 26th, Zaobao went to Yubei Prison for interviews many times, but they were all refused. However, at 20 o'clock on the 25th, a prison guard on duty once told Zaobao that the prison leaders were meeting to study the incident. Yesterday, Wang Guangxing, director of the Office of the Prison Administration Bureau of the Henan Provincial Department of Justice, said in an interview with Zaobao that he had just returned from a business trip and did not know. On the evening of the 25th, Wang Wenhai, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Justice, also said that he hadn’t heard of it and didn’t know. In addition, the cell phones of many other persons in charge of the Prison Administration Bureau of the Henan Provincial Department of Justice have also been unanswered.

On the 25th, after the criminals escaped, the prison once organized police forces to set up chucking checks on the main road out of the city in Xinxiang. Since then, there has been no sound. On the same day, several netizens posted that they had witnessed police interrogating vehicles near the prison. An eyewitness told the Morning Post that he ran into a police officer who was checking a vehicle while driving back to Xinxiang from a field on the 25th. At about 8 o'clock in the morning, there were two armed police officers and two prison guards holding batons at the intersection around the Yubei Prison in Xinxiang. Cars, mainly from Xinxiang vehicles, another witness said that at 12 noon, the armed police had not left. It was heard that someone had escaped from the prison. There were armed police guards around the prison, along the borders of the prison, and at road junctions.

Netizen Weibo's Weibo posted at 17:56 on the 25th, saying: I just came back from Xinxiang City, and when I went to Xinxiang City in the morning, I found all intersections to check for taxis. After communicating with the traffic police, it was learned that prisoners escaped from Yubei Prison in Xinxiang City today. I don't remember the name clearly. Villagers in Lu Village near the prison said that they had heard about the escape of criminals in Yubei Prison as early as the morning of the 25th, but they did not know the details. These are actually the hazards caused by not installing a mobile phone jammer. Why do you say that?

In mid-October, the relocation process of Hebei Shenzhou Prison to the new prison began to speed up. The cause was related to the prisoner Wang Zhenqing’s escape on September 11. In the escape incident, Wang Zhenqing was able to easily open the large iron door lock and cross the high-voltage Power grid, highlighting the loopholes in the management of the Shenzhou prison. Han Mingjin, head of the Prison Investigation Section, said that prisoners use mobile phones in prison and it is difficult to investigate and deal with them. Inmates who just came out of jail revealed that some lords would resell cellphone cards, cash, pets, and other contraband items to prisoners. This time it can be clearly seen that manual inspection cannot be done, but technology can. Using a mobile phone signal jammer can completely avoid this problem.
Sun Baoming, director of the prison education section, believes that the chaotic management of prisons is related to the contracting system that has been implemented in prison areas. After the implementation of the contracting system, prisons have paid more and more attention to the economy, rather than to the reform and standardized management of prisoners. The government has also begun to attach importance to cell phone jammers again. It can be seen how important mobile phone signal jammers are.