Mobile jammers prevail in colleges and universities

cell phone jammer

Looking back, on June 28th and 29th, 2014, the Liaoyang High School Entrance Examination was ushered in. 11,299 people in the city signed up for the senior high school entrance examination, and a total of 378 examination rooms were set up. For this examination, the Municipal Education Bureau did a good job in all aspects to ensure the smooth progress of the high school entrance examination.
In terms of confidentiality work, the Municipal Education Bureau coordinated with the public security department to do a good job of confidentiality of test papers, public security at test sites, and traffic management to ensure test order and test paper safety; this also ensures that mobile cell phone jammer will not affect other aspects.

In terms of Power supply, coordinated the Power supply department to conduct Power supply safety inspections at the test sites to ensure the Power supply of the test sites during the test period; the normal use of mobile phone jammers was maintained.

In terms of environment, coordinate the cultural, environmental protection, and comprehensive law enforcement departments to purify the surrounding environment of the test sites, and strive to create a good environment for the high school entrance examination. In terms of medical treatment, an infirmary is set up at each test site, full-time physicians are arranged, emergency medicines, and emergency vehicles are provided to provide humane services to candidates.

Regarding the system, an examination work mechanism has been established that combines centralization and division, clear responsibilities, efficient coordination, and quick response. A key issue reporting system has been established, and the 24-hour duty system, zero reporting system and accountability system during the examination period have been strictly implemented.

In terms of emergency handling, standby examination rooms and mobile invigilators were arranged to scientifically respond to emergencies and incidents, so as to be prepared for any problems, and to ensure the smooth and smooth examination work.

At the same time, in order to avoid the occurrence of cheating in the examination room, each examination room is equipped with radio clocks, hand-held metal detectors, and mobile phone signal jammers. The monitoring system screen realizes full coverage, clarity, and no blind spots. The video data of the examination room and the confidential room are backed up. The Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Admissions Office actively publicize the high school entrance examination policy, strengthen the publicity of the examination style and discipline measures, protect the interests of candidates to the greatest extent, and maintain the fairness and justice of the examination.

The efforts of the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Recruitment Office and the acquisition of technological products such as mobile phone jammers have enabled the tens of thousands of candidates in Liaoyang to successfully take the first major exam in their lives!