GPS jammers appeared in some military exercises

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Oslo-The Norwegian foreign intelligence service expressed new concerns about GPS interference in northern Oslo on Monday, as Oslo again accused Russia of taking "unacceptable" actions.

The intelligence agency stated in its annual national risk assessment report that since 2017, accidents have occurred frequently and GPS signals have been prevented from taking off from Russian territory in the Norwegian region near the border between Russia and Russia.

Jammer incidents usually coincide with military exercises on Norwegian soil, such as NATO’s Trident Junction exercise last fall and the deployment of British attack helicopters in Norway in mid-January. Train in arctic conditions.

Introducing the report, Morten Haga Lunde, the head of the intelligence department, said: "This is not only a new challenge for Norwegian and Allied training operations."

"Among other things, GPS Jammers pose a threat to civil air transport and police and health operations in peacetime."

Defense Minister Frank Barker-Jensen said that Norway has repeatedly raised this issue with the Russian authorities and is cooperating with other Nordic countries to collect as much information as possible.

He told TV2 channel Nyhetskanalen: "The important thing is... to be clear that this is unacceptable."

In November, neighboring Finland summoned the Russian ambassador to Helsinki in response to allegations that Moscow disrupted its territories' geolocation signals during the Trident Junction exercise.

Xinhua News Agency, Jerusalem, March 4-The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries Corporation (IAI) on Monday released an advanced land-based military platform system to prevent GPS interference.

The new "ADA-O" system is a further development of the "ADA" series of anti-jamming systems, providing solutions for communication, command and control, and navigation systems, and can be installed on armored vehicles, artillery and communication media.

The system also provides solutions for a wide range of satellite navigation systems, has an advanced architecture, and implements a variety of advanced digital signal processing methods.

The versatility of the ADA system allows it to be integrated into various platforms, including combat aircraft and helicopters, unmanned aircraft, land platforms and armored vehicles, offshore platforms, and guided ammunition.

IAI recently won a contract to provide an ADA system to an unknown Asian country, worth tens of millions of dollars.

Previously, in early 2017, IAI won a tender from the Israeli Ministry of Defense because it has been integrated into one of the main air force platforms.

System integration allows satellite navigation-based avionics systems to continue to operate even when the satellites are attempted to be blocked or interfered by activating GPS jammers or blocking other navigation systems by other means.