United States will build special GPS jammers Deal with China jammer

GSM/GPS Jammers


Nowadays modern wireless technologies became pretty important part of our lives. Can you imagine the world without all those smartphones, tablets, mobile Internet and other portable gadgets? We use them really frequently and those portable devices are often used in various business affairs and even important social services. A prominent example of such widely used wireless technology is GPS.

Global positioning system is used not only for civic navigation, but also by rescue teams and for aviation and naval purposes. As you know the system itself is critical for many social services and if one day there will be no GPS, it may even cause a panic. That's probably the main reason why those GPS signal blockers are considered to be illegal. They are pretty dangerous, because they may disrupt important communications

GPS Jammers is especially rapid development,In recent years China appeared a batch of production high-tech jammers companies. For example,jammer – shop. Some commentators believe China's jammer direct threat to U.S. national security.

Recently, the air force air force base in Colorado springs chaired a meeting of the national space seminar ". Unlike previous years, the threat of "space" became the top topic of the seminar, to the United States and China's space Power system with space-based components of "threat" is a top priority. The media revealed that, in response to the threat of "space", the air force's policy makers are actively preparing for the opening space battle.

GPS defensive side key
On April 13, the United States "gazette reports that are not for a space war for Star Wars fans, not politicians on Capitol hill in Washington, nor is it a big Hollywood directors, but the air force base in the United States air force stationed in springs servicemen and women and girls.
The U.S. air force space command space defense program director Joe Scott Reno colonel openly said: "the space in the human is playing an increasingly important role in the war." In the eyes of Scott Reno colonel, the air force commanders worry most about is the future of the enemy successfully blocked the U.S. global positioning system (GPS) navigation signals and Phased array radar .Because once that happens, the U.S. army will "vertigo", the U.S. air force bombs are "all Fried partial".
What worries us most is that blocking the difficulty of the GPS signals are becoming smaller and smaller. The U.S. air force space command commander navigation program at stormy Martin admitted: "GPS actually very fragile, because GPS signals from satellites in orbit 12000 miles away, sending back on the ground, it is easy to interference by the size of a pocket jammers. Just using the search engines to get to the Internet search, can see dozens of companies to sell the GPS jammers. Made in China"
To this end, the United States air force is offensive to GPS, one way is to launch military dedicated GPS. This military GPS signal is very difficult to capture the intruder, even capture, also can let the intruder confused, because it will quickly disguised as other signals, the intruder.
However, the American air force, military special GPS will be a costly projects. Over the past two years, the U.S. air force has invested $1 billion, and 2009 years of research and development spending have an extra $800 million. "But all this is very value." Lieutenant colonel Martin said: "we must keep on China's absolute superiority in the field of GPS."
The most complex satellite battle

The air force policymakers another concern is that the military satellite is easily destroyed in the future space war. Scott Reno colonel admitted, satellites fragile than outsiders imagine. The United States and China satellite with a missile is actually "kill on the wheel". In fact, if the calculation precision, whether it's $1 million warheads, or $5 basketball, can blow up the satellite sky-high. In the face of such a big threat, the air force and doing what?