The jammer received resistance from people from all over the world

People talking loudly on the train, or people walking and hitting people when typing mobile emails say: "I'm leaving the service area! Sometimes I feel "". A man who made a living in Chicago was arrested by the police. I want to get it in the morning A cell phone jammer was used to block radio waves on commuter trains.

Mr. Dennis Nicholl (63), a certified public accountant who is a financial analyst at the University of Illinois Hospital, was arrested. The site is a red line that runs through the city of Chicago, and Nicholas uses it for commuting every morning. Since around 2014, damage to the phone that cannot be connected has often occurred. The reason has not been known for a long time, but a few months ago, the police reported: “When someone answered the phone in the car, a suspicious person took out a black device with five antennas and turned it on to interfere. Radio waves." Photos were also provided, and the city police posted them online and are conducting a joint investigation with the Chicago Department of Transportation and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

On the 8th of this month, a man who looks like a picture will board the train on the red line. A detective in plain clothes came out of the station and sat next to me. He took out my mobile phone and made a call, but the radio wave disappeared in an instant, and I couldn't use it. On the spot, this became the current criminal arrest. Nicholl appeared in court the next day. Judge James Brown (real name) referred to Nicole as a "mobile policeman." Although no one asked him, he has been cracking down on people who behaved badly and showed his understanding of purpose. It looks like it, but he was sentenced to jail for "illegal public broadcasting interference." The aid amount is 10,000 US dollars (approximately 1.14 million yen).

Nicholl was trapped in a similar radio jam in 2009, but at that time he was confiscated and destroyed only for a misdemeanor. The lawyer said, I know it is illegal to do so without permission, but I don't think it will be such a serious crime, and I am very shocked by this. The financial planner of a colleague who worked in the same hospital seemed surprised that he never hurt people. At work, even if the people around him are noisy, he will not be angry. I'm sure the train is different...
This is the first time we have been arrested in the United States for a radio jammer in public transportation. Commuting all the way to and from get off work, the Abu Lancers' unmanned interference police were very angry, there are still too many, and the jammer equipment was found in the back seat of harassing life and work. In the case of special regulations, there is a fine of close to 5 million yen. At the time, the radio waves from Jammer were so strong that they could not reach the radio of the security guard who stopped the car during the interrogation.