Jammers-The real problem you should care about ?

Q:Why blockers block while working scope and description on the manual differ?

A:The scene of the shielding range of shielding and the shielding related to the strong electromagnetic field related to communication machine stops from distance. As a general rule, be 200 metres from the best. Manufacturer is based on the situation of the general test, so the scope of the block will be a little discrepancy.

Q:Phone Jammers signal shielding will have radiation, harmful for?

A: About radiation, as long as it is large and small electronic products will have radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment have radiation. Like we usually used in mobile phones, rely on every day in your ear radiation is inevitable, countries have set up a standard, to cell phone radiation and radiation produced by our mobile phone signal shielding device is lower than the national standard, but also not want to rely on every day in the ear, so there's little damage to * *.

Q: Mobile security signal shielding device is working, why do some mobile phone signals indicating there is still a instructions?

A: It's just an illusion. In fact, at this time of mobile phone has been unable to communicate. When you press the draw button, you will find, no indicator on the signal indicator.

Q: Mobile security signal blockers will not interfere with other electronic equipment to work normally?

A: No. This is because the phone signal safety blockers electromagnetic signals completely fall within the provisions of the state of working frequency band will only have blocking effects on mobile communication. And the signal is still a relatively static state, will not affect any electronic equipment.

Q: Mobile phones safe signal shielding device for * * and harmful?

A: Please rest assured, mobile security the launch of the electromagnetic signal strength is very weak signal shielding device, the test data show that the signal strength far will pose no harm to * *. At the same time, the mobile phone signal shielding device just block the phone to signal before, cell phone can't contact with the base station, therefore do not have any damage on the phone itself.

Q: Mobile security signal blockers in indoor and outdoor use range is there a difference?

A: There are. Mobile phone is the range of safe signal blockers (30 to 40 meters) generally refers to the interior. In outdoor open terrain, shielding the effective distance of a few hundred meters. It should be pointed out that both indoors and outdoors, the effective distance of the block and the environmental conditions at that time have a certain relationship, such as from the base station near and far, placed, etc. Therefore, the use of mobile phones safe signal shielding device, this factor should be considered, and avoid screen corner which affect shield effect.

Q: Mobile phones safe signal shielding device for GSM and CDMA mobile phone effect?

A: Because the CDMA mobile phone anti-jamming performance is much better than the GSM mobile phone jammer , as a result, mobile security blockers for CDMA mobile phone signal effective shielding distance is smaller than the GSM mobile phone, but the difference is not very big, about 2 to 4 m. But also to remind users are especially important in some places, when necessary, should increase the number of field mobile phone security signal shielding device, to ensure that the shielding effect of CDMA mobile phone.

Q: Mobile phone signal shielding device chassis hot after working for a period of time, working long hours can not damage the machine?

A: This is a normal phenomenon. Design, we use the thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy wire drawing chassis to aid cooling. Able to ensure to work stably for a long time. Therefore, casing hot won't damage the machine.

Q: Mobile phone signal shielding device of product is unqualified, conform to the relevant provisions of the state? Any relevant test?

A: Power Cell phone jammer signal shielding device is using the modern high-tech, through in-depth analysis of communication mechanism, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression method, developed the information security products with completely independent intellectual sovereignty. It can be installed in its place forms around a electromagnetic protection field, effectively prevent cell phone leaks, eliminate mobile phone produce noise pollution. Security of mobile phone signal shielding device will become you to provide a safe and quiet space, you become a reliable loyal guard!