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Convenient jammer devices and their followers or updated software can determine your identity and location in a variety of ways. Cell phone jammers are portable devices that are even small enough to fit in a pocket or car, and can also be placed on a radio tower. Hand-held jammers were one of jammer-shop Corporation's first surveillance devices, and they are now used as a general term. In active mode, the cell phone jammer device will convince your cell phone and up to 60,000 cell phones (and newer devices) around you to communicate with the wireless service provider on the local cell tower, thus making a normal cell phone tower The equipment is overwhelmed.

Instead, your phone will send the signal sent to the local cell tower to the cell phone blocker every 7 to 15 seconds. The mobile jammer can then find out your IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Older cell phone jammer models can use this information to determine your mobile phone number, which you can use to identify the person. According to an article on ARS Technica, new models (such as Triggerfish or handy jammers with software upgrades) can track your conversations in real time.

When the cell phone jammer is in active mode, it causes the cell phone to talk to him instead of talking to the real cell phone tower, which will prevent these phones from making real calls or sending text messages. You might think that your calls and text messages are not answered, and the only clue is that your phone indicates that it is using 2G instead of 4G or LTE. When a cell phone jammer is in passive mode, it can receive and analyze cell phone signals, or it can be used to block these phones. Going away from the street into a local store or someone’s home to avoid calls and avoid cell phone interference is not necessarily effective; most of these devices can travel through their surveillance area.

If you are protesting in New York City under the surveillance of the New York City Police Department and the FBI, you can be sure that they will use the most advanced versions of these devices-possibly including Triggerfish to listen to live entertainment. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, not only law enforcement agencies in New York, but also law enforcement agencies in other states use cell phone interference technology. The NYPD has not yet learned of the specific technology it uses-and has responded to telephone and e-mail inquiries regarding the use of the technology for protests. There are some online guides that configure the phone to recognize the IMSI cell phone jammer device type at runtime, but this method is highly technical and not foolproof; or, there are "mobile phone protective sleeves" that can protect cell phone information from cell phone jammers. attack. You can also simply switch your phone to airplane mode, or you can turn it off. As a final recommendation, you may want to buy a cheap temporary phone to use in protests so that the number does not connect to you, as it may also be diverted or interfered with cell phone jammers.

Butler said he was frustrated when he illegally used mobile phones to interfere with stations during the protests, because people who peacefully exercise the right to meet should not use any constitutional means to intercept calls and text messages. To learn more about the right to record without police surveillance during demonstrations, take pictures and protect your mobile phone information, please refer to the EFF manual for an updated demonstration phone guide.

The legality of mobile Drone Jammer, according to Alan Butler of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), during demonstrations, the only legal way for police and government officials to use mobile phone jamming technology to eavesdrop on demonstrators is People must register for court orders for surveillance when they are involved in criminal activities-and when the authorities hold a pen. The legal requirements of this type of order are lower than the Power order, and the standard of receiving rights is also lower. The judge can sign the pen register of the Trap&Trace device for 60 days to see your name.

Butler said the police can use trivial things such as crossing the road or blocking the streets to justify the "criminal request." He also said that the police must collect many phone numbers to find what they want. Due to the confidentiality of the use of mobile phone jammers, it is difficult to know how often these devices were used to identify and monitor protesters during demonstrations. Hanni Fakhoury, an attorney for the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), said that if the police wanted to use improved equipment to investigate their phone or other phone information more closely, the search warrant might require her to obtain authorization. "So how do the protesters protect themselves from cell phone jammers and triggerfish? There are expensive Jammer devices, which cost between US$500 and US$3,000, which can let you know if the phone is tower-defended by a rogue. But there are others. A cheaper way to protect yourself.